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Autumn Equinox - Change is Here

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CHANGE IS HERE!! That ebb is shifting into the flow this weekend. The time is now.
Autumn Equinox 2017 in Northern Hemisphere shifted at 1:02 PM, pacific standard time, on Friday, September 22.
Whatever your TRUE Intention is today…watch out because it’s time! If you are wanting one person, or job, or situation in your life yet living with someone else, still doing work you hate etc. then make your actions match your actual intention NOW!
We are talking instant manifestations during this Equinox period. Be very careful what you are showing the Universe. Time to walk your talk (or whatever is your true heart’s desire). In other words, if you are saying one thing yet STILL doing another – knock it off! “And yes, Angels talk like that when you aren’t paying attention!”, shares Archangel Michael.
We have Vishnu & Jesus, the big guns, joining us today to relay that it’s time to TRUST and OPEN YOUR HEART TO LOVE. Not half-ass open it, but really open it up and spiritually stand naked in front of the world as your true self. And stand in front of your Twin Flame…and most importantly, in front of yourself! No more bullshitting about who you are any longer or why you are here on earth or who you want to spend the rest of eternity with.
You acting small, playing games and not fully expressing every ounce of love out into the Universe daily isn’t serving you, your highest good as a Spiritual being on earth or all of those you can help by being yourself.
As we show our true colors to the world, we provide others the opportunity to do the same “by us...just being us!” It’s easier than you think to change the world.
Are you shaking in your boots at this message??
…At your spiritual woo-woo “coming out” party?
...At your “I’m breaking up with you because I’m in love with someone else & always have been” party?
...At your “You can take this job and shove it!” party?!
Well…God/Goddess/Universe never, ever gives us anything which we don’t have the ability to handle. We are God in physical form walking around on earth – You can handle it! Comfort zones were meant to be broken. Use your natural born INSTINCTS.
You are making the current situation WAY MORE COMPLICATED than it needs to be.
There is no right time – living in the present moment means that it is ALWAYS the right time as far as Divine timing! Trust in the Universe and allow your intuition to guide you. Intuition is a wonderful GPS but don’t get so attached to using a GPS that you forget how to use your mind to direct you straight towards your heart’s true desire today.
There is only NOW, beloveds. It’s time to “make it so!” The Universe fully supports you.
In love & service...
Rev. Marie <3
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