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Be Yourself

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Possibly the shortest blog post known to man...however thoughts come up to be expressed at random times and as a writer, short is better than not at all!

I recall in 2014 I was conversing by text with someone I deeply loved and respected and he mainly responded back with short quips of "Yep" or "Sure" and then said, "Wow, you really are a writer. These are the longest texts I've ever gotten from someone." -- I took it as criticism that I was possibly "too much" when in actuality I was just being my true self without restraint. That in and of itself was huge for me. I didn't show myself to people openly in the least. He probably thought I was just always like that, because he's that way! I'm not. I keep my cards close until I trust someone.

Once bitten, twice shy...or hundred times bitten and never going there again is more my truth!

God has however shown me that I'm never "too much" by sending me a wealth of people that love me just as I am. They openly reciprocate my massive amount of words, thoughts, and love with focused attention and never, ever make me feel like my thoughts are less than in any way.

With my natural born personality, I honestly go deep or go home...I don't chit chat in the least, I'm a, "How is your soul feeling today?" kinda chick. 

We live and learn.

I've learned that it's better to just be myself. Sometimes I'm quiet and other times I'm rowdy as fuck!

If nothing else, being ourselves provides others the opportunity to do the same -- Show them how it's done!

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