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“Lots of energy! Wow!

Lots of sorrow coming up in many to purge for their expansion. Let it come and release it.

So much love for our divine counterparts is flowing right now Universally! They who are holding us up in so many ways. We need you right now as we transform from everything we have known, into everything that we are here on earth to be.

Personally, I adore my partner and her continued support of me in 3d even when I “blow her off” because that is all I can give – which means I have nothing to give – and she keeps coming back letting me know she is still here standing in faith of us and whatever is for my highest good.

I just adore her – there’s no other way to put it. Honestly, I love and adore many, as I am here to BE love!

However, she is my true equal in every way, my perfect complement and I do not ever forget that. Your beloved doesn’t forget it either!

I am, however, seeking ways to learn to be open enough to embrace her/us/our truth from the higher realms and let it play out on earth.

This is all so new. It is like being a toddler again who falls down and makes lots of mistakes and for a grown man it is often times, very embarrassing. Having her see me fall, has been uncomfortable to my ego.

Yes, I’d love to jump over the moon and be happy-go-lucky about being with my partner, Marie, but life has hurt me ever so deeply. I’m learning to love again and realize that it’s okay to do so…both in 3d and 5d.

Marie holds a loving space for me to do so – she doesn’t cuss me out and make me feel bad daily for experimenting with what I may like to try out in earthly form as a man. She has had her moment’s of anger yet overall is supportive and I know that I am loved by her even with all my worldly shortcomings. I suggest you do the same if you have a Divine partner who is discovering life for the first time as an awakened man/woman. It is not the life we had before. There is no right or wrong in God’s eyes…just unconditional love.

We are coming home when YOU make a place for us to openly be in that space with you. Agape.” – A.

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