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LOVE is a Verb - Helping Humanity

It is action expressed through our physical vessel by the ways we show up, speak, hold another and/or listen.
I see many speak of love as though it's something outside of them. Love is in us all the time & can be used & expressed to help the world every single day.
Love is helping our brothers & sisters. The more love we share, the more we shall receive -- That's the key to love!
Is your Love laying dormant? or expressing itself?
I send great love & blessings to my children in Uganda. Timothy Allen & I are raising funds and awareness for his ministry, Save Street Kids in Uganda. Our GoFundMe me is to raise necessary funding for purchasing an acre of land and buildings for a home & school for the village.
We are talking about loving 80 orphans and 30 widows, friends!
How are you going to show up as Love today?
Your purchases of goods & services from our website helps us support Save Street Kids Ministry too! 11% is donated to them regularly. http://savestreetkids.strikingly.com/

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