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Love, Sex & Relationship as a "Woke" Chick

divine love love sacred sex

I had this deep and profound conscious realization as I was sitting in my favorite chair enjoying some Hot Chai in my cup.


It isn’t a lightning bolt. It isn’t sexual energy, lust or the like. It isn’t those silly thoughts of “He’s so cute when he eats Cheerios.” “His body is so HOT! Sexy!” That is all reactionary physical chemistry as far as I am understanding in this moment. Grant you, it is fun to play in this energy at times though, isn’t it?!? It can be an add-on to a conscious relationship but not the foundation for one.

If you are seeking higher-consciousness “woke” love then it’s a different story.

Once you can get out of that “instant gratification” OR “it feels so good like a drug energy” and consciously sit back and ask yourself some important questions about the person, you may discover a deeper kind of love than before (and it may blow your mind as to who this person ends up being).


Close your eyes.

Breathe calmly…. Clear your mind and remove the physical features of the person you think you “gotta have!” from your mind’s eyes. Be open to seeing through your heart’s eye instead.

  • Do they bring me closer to God (meaning the God/Goddess that I AM in physical form)?
  • Do they intellectually stimulate me?
  • Do they pray for me without me asking?
  • Do they inspire & motivate me?
  • How are they serving humanity?
  • How do they love & take care of themselves?
  • Are our values similar?

Obviously, these are just suggestion questions. Make your own list of what’s important on a soul level to you. This is conscious love, so we take time to ask questions. Note that physical appearance, money in their bank account, the car they drive or anything worldly isn’t included in the least. Go to this conscious level in your relationships.

The Buddhists apparently say, “If you meet somebody and your heart pounds, your hands shake, your knees go weak, that's not the one. When you meet your soul mate you'll feel calm. No anxiety, no agitation.” I would agree with this.


Love is a surrendering of everything we know…it is a calm yet complex essence between you and another soul(s). Calm yet complex seems strange yet if you think of the scales of balance, you will understand. Life is all about balance. Yin Yang. Black White.

Surrendering into love means a release of our long-held beliefs, expectations, deeply contemplative self -conversations that ego loves to confuse us with for days on end – it is surrendering to the belief that love is all there is. That love heals and has the power to make everything beautiful again. It adds to our life, never taking away.

Divine love in relationship isn’t focused on another’s appearance, socioeconomic life or anything worldy. It is about an attraction to their soul essence and if it’s a match to our essence and our internal value system. It isn’t obsessed with another, yet certainly interested. There is collaboration and reciprocation just as the energy of love sways about to and fro. Anything less, is not love. It is infatuation of the inner child and often a karmic contract of pain to heal your old wounds.

When love does shows up, it is often quiet and gentle while taking time to grow. Then one day you may find yourself adoring another who has been there all along, yet you were lost in infatuation with another so couldn’t see them. 


Ego thrives on infatuation, obsession, sex without sacred intimacy and that “ooey-gooey” feeling inside. Ego doesn’t want you to know eternal love is found in the deepest levels of intimacy possible – it’s scary for ego to be vulnerable yet it is in the vulnerability that true, long-lasting connection takes place. 


Sex is the easiest thing possible to do with another person. It’s like riding a bicycle, shall we say! Taking time to develop a connection on spiritual and intellectual levels with an open heart is quite a task. The majority never do such a thing, even those married often keep things on a certain level of convenience and likeability sans deep soul-breaking intimacy.

Sex becomes sacred when the intimacy has been consciously developed on all levels before adding sex to the mix of the relationship. Think of the development process of exploring intimacy and vulnerability in a relationship as a solid foundation for a house – then add all the building materials on top of the foundation. Sex is the cherry on top of the relationship between two whole individuals that took the time to embrace themselves as the God & Goddess on earth. Hence the individuals are consciously living as SACRED beings, so their intention within intercourse is sacred. They bow with respect to each other and “all” that they are.

Love, sex and relationships that take place outside of the earthly matrix of low vibrations and limited ego thinking are truly heaven on earth.

In love & service…

Rev. Marie

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