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September Angel Oracle Carding Reading - Situation Will Improve

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Beloveds, I come to you today with good news. Those that have asked for a sign or answer to a specific question today – here’s your message from the Angelic & Twin Flame Collective, “The Situation Will Improve”.  Not shown on the card, but reiterated to me with huge apostrophe’s because the message is LOUD and clear. If you have been doing the self-work, getting real with yourself, lovingly letting the “old” leave your 3d reality then better things are on the way!!!!!!

September is another month of great transformation around the Universe. Seek out your favorite astrologer to learn about the planetary effects going on and you’ll possibly understand that everything…affects everything. (I recommend @The Leo King and @Marla Kelly)

When we “spiritual types” say that we are ONE, well we mean it -- ONE with the entire Universe so what is going on in the planetary systems and what is going on with humanity affects every single one of us in some way. The Universe is inclusion, not exclusion. If you feel separate from your brother, sister or the stars above then you are not fully in alignment with the ONE that you truly are with all of us.

September welcomes in the Autumn Equinox, and yet, more changes and transformations. Let those go which are no longer in alignment with your new vibration. Also, receive those coming back who’ve done their own work and can meet you were you are.

(Note: when people come back renewed…let them. Living in the present moment with them means you aren’t re-hashing old things they’ve possibly done to you etc. You have the conscious choice to rip the scab off yet again, or leave it alone as God’s continues to heal it fully for you! Live and let live. Be LOVE and Be GRATEFUL when they return).

The theory of letting go and receiving is suggested to become your way of life as an enlightened being. LET ALL THINGS, whether they be people, relationships, jobs, houses, possessions and situations flow in and out like the tide. The Ocean is a beautiful example of how to live a Spiritual life.

Now that you know that more changes are on tap, practice being the peace within them. Imagine yourself in the midst of a Tornado. The center is calm while the winds swirl around you. Be centered this month, and always, and the more you learn to be, you will be better able to stay FOCUSED which is going to amount to a new FLOW OF PROSPERITY in your reality.

There are many projects you’ve been interested in and September is the month to really focus on the ones which create the most energetic feeling of passion for you. What projects do you work on that don’t feel like work? – do that with focus! As you hold that vibration with focus the prosperity is going to flow.

And what exactly is PROSPERITY? It is far from just dollars and cents, beloveds. It is a way of life! Are your relationships prosperous? Your daily life experiences? Being prosperous not only means having wealth, but health, happiness, joy, laughter, rest, long life, and success.

In closing, please remember that you are a soul that is living a human experience…and you are doing a GREAT job!

In love & service…

Rev. Marie

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