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Spirituality through Social Media Workshop

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Good morning, earthlings!
I'm sitting here listening to the rain outside, 4 year old laying on the floor watching videos & giggling, while the happy birds play in the trees.
Working on my upcoming Spirituality through Social Media Workshop being held on November 12th which historically would be a very stressful thing for me to do.
Here's the difference...I have the life knowledge as a human to accomplish many things yet now is the time to quiet the ego and let myself be the true Divine Vessel that I am here to be.
...Meaning to let my soul write the lesson plans and present the information, instead of the ego-filled mind which ran the show for most of my life. This is what "being on Mission" looks like.
I have always been blessed with the capability to easily convert complicated information. I actually pretty much take all things and flip them to the easiest and straightforward way to accomplish; however most cannot even conceptualize the things I suggest so working for myself is often the best route for my human experience. Do you ever run into this?
I've definitely learned how to work with others in the matrix and the importance of community in all things. It takes true patience and love to do so, however. What a great way for us to practice what we preach! <3 :D
Writing and presenting from my higher consciousness and letting things flow is such a beautiful freedom to experience as a human.
Many of us "spiritual peeps" often think we have to totally change our jobs (and some do) however I encourage you to consider what God-given skills you already possess that can be converted into helping humanity?
...and doing so with an intention of love instead of notoriety, fame, fortune?
(Universal law...Intention of what you "do" is everything!)
If you are in the greater Sacramento area and interested in how YOU can use Social Media from the spiritual perspective to make a positive influence on the world, then I encourage you to join us!
if you are in other areas of the world, and interested, then please email me: AliveAgainMarie@gmail.com for upcoming workshops in other regions/online.

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