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Twin Flame Energies for Divine Masculine & Feminine - 6/26/18

What a beautiful reading for twin flames & soul mates! On the left we have our Divine Masculine represented by Archangel Michael and our Divine Feminine by the Goddess Ishtar. They both are standing in their power and facing each other bravely. They are both ready to "fight" in their own ways. With their spiritual tools, self love, courage and truths. The Masculine is cutting through all the shit, shall we say and ready to move forward. The Feminine is in a confident space of self-love, strength & not taking any shit. So they are beautifully reflecting each other, in their own individual ways. Two powerful flames, becoming one.

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The Divine Feminine is currently being reminded about BOUNDARIES by Goddess Ishtar. 

"Love yourself enough to say no to others' demands on your time and energy"

As the feminine, we have spent a lifetime nurturing others...and also, ENABLING others. Having our needs trampled upon while we keep giving and giving! It's time to fully step into your Divine Feminine energy which means you're loving yourself and using boundaries while doing so.  

Clear Channeled Message is someone reading this “You are giving too much. Become more assertive. Do not do things out of guilt or obligation.”

A sincere desire to give of service is wonderful. However, there is a distinction between giving of yourself and giving up yourself. If you feel tired, guilty, or resentful while helping others, then you are not truly helping them, are you? You are injecting poisonous energies into the relationship, and then no one benefits. Step back and reassess the situation. As you respect your own boundaries, others will begin to recognize and respect them within you, and within themselves as well. Now that is a healthy behavior to teach others!


"You Can Do It!" reminds Archangel Michael

You’re qualified, Divine Masculine! And you are ready to take the steps toward your desired outcome.  You have what it takes to fulfill your dreams and your life’s purpose.  This card signals that it’s time now to make your move.  You can do it!  

A resounding, "Take action without delay or hesitation!" came through from the Angels.

No more preparing or procrastination – just do it.  You’re a valuable and beloved person. You've put in your work and now it's time to grab the prize of love, freedom, companionship, life of your dreams.


Ishtar has been worshiped and invoked since ancient Babylonian times as the embodiment of Venus’s womanly energy. Ishtar represents the Divine feminine in all of her aspects, including nurturing, mothering, sensuality, fertility, healing, protection, and wisdom. As a multidimensional goddess, Ishtar does not tire of helping the men and women who call upon her for assistance.

Archangel Michael is a powerful overseer of guardian angels.  He helps light workers to remember and to fulfill their life’s purpose.  Michael holds a sword of light to cut away fearful attachments that bind us in apathy or procrastination.  He gives us courage and strength to make life changes and to move beyond our comfort zone.  Call upon Archangel Michael for protection, motivation, clarity, and courage.

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