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6 Simple Lessons on my Spiritual Journey to Self

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6 Simple Lessons on my spiritual journey to self:
*Never let anyone dull your shine...or steal it with your permission!
*The light always returns to outshine the darkness that we sometimes feel.
*Hurt people...hurt people! Without even consciously realizing the pain they put upon themselves and others.
*Love has nothing to do with another person. It's inside of me for which no one can remove from me or make me stop giving to them, if it's real unconditional love.
*Separating people from their behaviors is healing for all involved. Love all, but take no shit.
*My journey is not YOUR journey, so we never need to judge ourselves or another's path...everything is always perfect and in divine timing.
What lessons have you learned to date?
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Happy Monday!
Rev. Mg Blackstock

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