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Affirmative Prayer for October

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Please take a deep cleansing breath...

Exhale everything that has come before this moment...

Sit in the knowingness that we are ONE. 

Knowing there is only one Life, one Love, ONE infinite Presence and that presence is known as God or varied names such as Mother Earth or Father Sky, Big Mama or Wakan Tankan.  This One is all powerful, all knowing, and ever present...for God is everything…and everything is God.

Every Autumn leave which blows in the wind, the damp grass under our feet and the birds playing in the trees...are God.

I know that God is living out its perfect life as me and As I know that for me, I know that for all who are reading this...and all who are in our hearts and minds in this moment.

I am knowing that Greater than Fear is Love in all of our lives. Knowing that Love always prevails.

I am knowing that God is the only Source -- Not our family, friends, job, money, car or government and there is no way to ever be disconnected from that Source. And if we ever feel disconnected then we can breathe into the present moment, let go of everything else, and re-center ourselves in the seat of true Divinity we are.

I am knowing that Eternal Hope is forever warm and fresh in our lives. That Faith springs forth into action and our entire Being rises to meet the Dawn. Hope, Faith and Love are in us all.

And as the Inner Mind is calm - I know that each Soul is reflecting the Most High in this moment. The truth is that the Spirit of humankind is God. In the great calm of the All Good, we rest in peace and security. We rest in the energy of "All Is Well." Our lives are now reflecting the Perfect Whole for we know the truth in that WE are Peace; WE are Calm, We are Perfection. We are security and complete satisfaction for WE are ONE with God.

I am thankful that The Words of my mouth shall bear fruit. It shall accomplish and prosper, and shall not return to me void!  I send out my Word, and it is law unto my life & all those I have spoken for as My Word is Power.

I release my word and it is so.  I resist the temptation to check on Spirit’s work.  And together we can say Ashe [Ashay], Aho, Amen, And So It Is. 

Rev. Arabella Marie, September 20, 2018

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