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Angelic Channeling - November Full Moon Psychic Forecast

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Your Angelic Channeled Messages are…
Hey boys & girls – it’s nearly Full Moon time! This November the exact time of the Full Moon will be just before midnight on Nov 3rd for the West Coast and Mountain time zones and just after midnight for Central and East Coast United States.
The key to the heart is authenticity! The emotional full moon energy of Taurus is going to pull out, remove, make you deal with that which you haven’t been dealing with. I’m sure you don’t try to stay busy just to not have to look at yourself, your actions, your own bullshit we could say. Nah, you would never do that, would ya!?!? Authenticity is the full removal of masks. If you aren’t going to be pro-active then the Universe/God will be helping you out. No more hiding, friends!
Are you really practicing, what you preach?
If you have spiritual gifts and aren’t showing them to the world, it’s time. The Universe is going to kick you until you show all your cards, instead of trying to slide under the radar and acting less than your full Divine self. It is game time on planet earth! Let’s blast love & light to uplift us all, shall we?
The flames of passion are burning brightly right now and if you’re sans an official partner you might be surprised by the new relationships in your life! If you’ve been doing your self-healing work and opening to finally receiving, love might just surprise you. It may even end up being a love-fest with yourself…finally! You deserve the love that is trying to encompass you. Let it come, beloveds.
Cleansing the world of the fear and anger isn’t an easy job BUT you have the power to shift yourself and every single person you meet. The trickle-down effect of how you act and the energy you put forth affects us all. We are one, after all. No exceptions.
Lots of spiritual woo-woo “dynamic” energy is in the works for the entire month so time to walk your talk, kiddos!
The Divine Diva in me…bows to the Divine in you!
Rev. Marie <3

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