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Conscious Business | Self Promotion by Tooting Your Own Horn

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Tooting your own horn is self-promotion at its finest yet it can feel very braggadocios or uncomfortable if you are having issues with self-esteem or old belief systems that may have been planted long, long ago such as “I’m not being humble.. or spiritual… or a good girl/boy if I blast people by sharing what I’m doing or selling”.  

As an entrepreneur, proficient in a wide variety of businesses, I’ve seen this repeatedly in good people whom wish to have a business yet have no confidence in what they’re doing. Let alone the fact that they haven’t taken the time to research what it even means to be a business owner or how to promote themselves. No judgement here, and often why I’ve done consulting work to fine tune good people with dormant or crumbling small businesses.

Something many don’t seem to consciously realize is that your business…is you.

Your business reflects your personality, beliefs, values, how you live on and on. It’s like a baby that you’ve created. So, often your personal issues affect your business – positively or negatively.

If you’ve read any sort of business success stories, a recurring theme is that the owners have daily routines which can vary greatly depending on their personal way of motivating self. Some are early risers and others not. The majority do make sure to include quiet time, reading, spiritual practices, coaching/mentoring, a balance of work and relaxation time. They KNOW that they are the most important component in their business…and you should too!

Lack of confidence can be a business killer

Your personal lack of confidence can, and often will, energetically put others off. Another issue resulting from lack of self-confidence is hiring others to do your work without you taking ownership of your business.

From a conscious perspective, the Ownership mindset is both taking responsibility and owning within yourself that you are, indeed, a small business owner.  Stepping into your shoes of greatness, I call it!

The ownership role means you are an active participant in your business…even when you have managers taking care of certain tasks for you. We hire managers and specialist to handle tasks that aren’t our strength, and which often help us look good…but ultimately, it’s our business. If you let them just do what they please without you speaking up as to your wants, desires, needs then get upset when they do things their way…that is you not taking ownership of yourself…or your business!

It’s YOUR passion -- your face, your brand! Not theirs!

Your team can include the best and brightest branding expert around, public relations or project manager, yet it’s your business and your responsibility...so you better practice all those communication and leadership skills you’ve developed.

Others can assist you in creating, consulting and managing your business yet if you aren’t actively participating in tooting your own horn, your skills, events, or how you’re shining your light on the world – your business might just lay there not progressing forward.

When you don’t have a conscious ownership mindset (i.e. responsibility) then you’re handing over the driver’s seat to someone else and “hoping” they will deliver your dream for you.

You are the only one who can drive to your dream destination.

Your business vision is only yours. Don’t expect anyone else to “get it” …even if they seem to or say that they do…it’s yours, conceived within your mind, body & spirit. Expecting someone outside of you to fully understand what your dream is, is a recipe for disaster.

Meaning, if you don’t believe in yourself, your dream, your business – it’s going to be difficult for it to succeed. As woke folks, we “know” our thoughts create our reality, yet even we need a reminder occasionally, don’t we?

Be an active participant and ask questions of your team specialists to obtain a basic understanding of processes which they specialize in – because you’re the owner. Share your passion with your friends, family or fans -- even if others are taking care of certain things behind the scenes.

Your Team Is a Treasure

Those communication classes you took need to be used. (You took some business classes, didn’t ya? Or at least read business books or practiced and fine tuned your skills…right?! Of course you have!)

What I’ve learned is to never assume a thing in life or business -- Ask and clarify!

Finding the proper team to assist you is vital to your success and as you succeed, they succeed. We all benefit! Isn’t that what it’s all about as a conscious business owner?

Taking the time to build yourself a “power team” to help you create and maintain all parts of your business is always worth the effort. Mentoring others is a great way to collaborate, lovingly pay back to society and can even create new team members!

Every dollar and hour you invest into your business, into your team members and into your personal growth will benefit your dreams!

A great way to start “Tooting Your Own Horn!” is to promote yourself on social media. Here are a few super-duper simple ways to get more people to your business page.

3 Simple Social Tips for your Business

Share Your Posts! – You are your business and people buy from those they know, and love. It’s all about communicating, so share your business page posts with your friends & family! It’s tooting your own horn and stepping into the shoes of “I’m proud of what I’m doing!”

Like Your Posts! – Be signed in on Facebook as your Personal Page and like the posts on your Business Page -- This shows your posts to your friends!

Invite Your Friends! – There are two easy way to do this.

  1. From your business page you can click on the Invite Friends button and several times a week you can invite a few friends. Make it a part of your online social time. Many probably don’t even realize they aren’t following your business page or aren’t aware you have a separate page for your business.
  2. Write about your business on your personal page (tag your business by using the @ sign with business name).
    1. Just because you know the answers to all these questions, it doesn’t mean others know…so share with them!!
      1. What is the first question that many people ask when meeting someone new? “What do you do?” – Explain!
      2. “Why you are passionate about it? Or how are you making a difference in the world?! Or tell why your job makes you so happy or the best part of it!
  • Share your story and you’ll gain followers. Are you taking classes and learning EVEN MORE about your business? Share!


 Rev. Arabella Marie -- Business Services





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