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Divine Feminine | Prosperity is Yours

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Goddess, Abundantia, is showering Divine Feminine's with Prosperity today, June 15 2018.
She reminds us that "The Universe is pouring its abundance out to you. Be open to Receiving." This card is a blessing of prosperity!

Divine Feminines please remember that asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness!

You are very powerful, and I, Goddess Abundantia, am here to support your growing power. It is right for you to receive this help, as we function as a team. I have heard your prayers, worries, and affirmations. I am pouring my cornucopia of prosperity upon you now, so expect unforeseen windfalls and gifts. Notice the new ideas, feelings, and visions within you. This guidance gives you clear direction about your actions to take in conjunction with my assistance. Together, we are unstoppable!”

It is time to focus upon (through prayer, meditation, mindfulness) to BE OPEN TO RECEIVING.  A new windfall of abundance is coming to you. You have nothing to worry about. Your new venture will be financially successful. Visualize and affirm abundance. Abundance comes to you in many ways, including extra time, extra food, extra love, extra support, and ideas.

About Abundantia: (pronounced ah-bun-DON-she-uh): Abundantia is a beautiful Roman and Norse goddess of prosperity, success, and abundance who is said to bring good fortune and financial windfalls to all who call upon her. She carries a cornucopia of golden coins, which trail behind her wherever she goes. One sign that she is with you is that you will find lots of spare change in unlikely locations. And rest assured that Abundantia brings more than pocket-money to those who call upon her. She bestows all kinds of prosperity, including increased amounts of time, ideas, and other forms of support.”

This is a very positive card and signals the end of financial struggle. Your endeavours are paying off. Your prayers are answered. Abundance is here!

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