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Do You Listen to God as Your GPS? or Ignore It?

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Do you listen to GOD, then ignore the messages?
Whether you call it God, Spirit, Universe etc. many of us "woke" folk receive guidance. I've often asked clients & friends about messages they've repeatedly received whether it comes in forms of visions, dreams, synchronicity and if they actually follow it...or ignore it.
MOST ignore it...I FOLLOW it! That's why I stand out from the crowd.
What the HECK does this have to do with SUNFLOWERS?? Glad you asked!
Nearly two years ago (June 29, 2016) I moved to this HOT valley of agriculture and my impending HUGE transformation.
I had dreams, visions, constant reminders, photos of SUNFLOWERS everywhere for about a year and a 1/2 prior.
( I'm a huge fan of Tuscany and such so assumed it was about me going to Italy as I've always dreamed of since I was I 16 and my Art Teacher begged me to go even if I do nothing else in my life!)
Hmmmm....passport got stolen. Lose jobs. Depressed. Fabulous boyfriend for a while. Then I get pushed by God to uproot my bliss and move to northern California, not too far from where I grew up and honestly...NOT where I particularly would EVER consciously choose to live or make any sort of life. Where the heck is Italy?
I'm leaving Palm Springs parties, golf courses, fun, swimming pools, hot tubs for Sacramento??? UGH!
Damn. Really? God are you possibly CRAZY?
Well, I packed up stuff into my truck and if didn't fit it wasn't going along cause stuff in life had started shifting and I couldn't afford a trailer or UHaul. I had an online friend who graciously let me stay with her for a few days but I literally had NO CLUE where I was going to live, how I was going to pay for it all or who was going to meet me or abandon me when I arrive!
...as I turned off the Interstate to look at the room there are ACRES & ACRES & ACRES of Sunflowers blooming everywhere! I started crying. Got the room with a lovely family for no deposit, no background check, no credit check, no last month's rent. I handed her a check & I moved in.
sunflowers of northern california
So, two years later I have LITERALLY gone through immense change inside and out. Only two people (literally) have NOT been loving to me in my life experience here...which taught me a lot!
I have planted enormous roots here while surrounded by a wealth of soul family. I have never, ever, been this HAPPY in my ENTIRE life!
sunflower fields northern california
And...they planted SUNFLOWERS behind our house this year!
Full circle for me. From fantastic to scum of the earth experience back to better than fantastic! Thank you GOD for bringing me to this, once believed horrific,place where the Sunflowers grow...right where I am supposed to be.
(hint ya'll -- God knows what he's doing...listen!)

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