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How Energy Healing can Help you Discover your Inner Blocks

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Rev. Marie Can Help Your Soul Lead the Way...

Gifted Energy Healer and Spiritual Coach, Rev. Marie G Blackstock offers Unique Counseling Sessions with Sacred Angel Oracle Cards.

Similar to Tarot...Angel Card Readers work directly with the Angelic Collective and the client's Angelic Team of Guides.

There is so much wonderful, uplifting information and guidance available these days, it can be over-whelming to know how to apply it!

The simple images and messages written on the cards serve to focus Marie's intuition, allowing her to illuminate and clarify the energies at play in your life.

Often speaking directly to your inner child telepathically, we can quickly discover answers to questions...

What direction is right for you?

What fears or obstacles hold you back?

Is it time for action or time to go deeper within?

We’ll work together to answer the question: How best to move your life forward from where you are right now?

As a natural born & worldly attuned Energy Practitioner (Reiki) all sessions include my healing love energy to assist you in a non-invasive way that will leave you "feeling good" after your session whether it's a simple one Card Reading or full one-hour Session which combines Reiki, Coaching & Reading.

Spiritual Coaching is guidance of an individual using an intuitive connection with the individual's spirit guides and higher self to obtain specific information about the individual's life circumstances, inner child wounds and life path. 

Our inner wounds create physical pain in our bodies or blocks in our life experience, so it's important to find the "core" issue held within you through coaching then apply treatment/soothing to your physical ailments with Energy Healing (aka Reiki).

A Spiritual Coach is different than the traditional counselor working with personal issues. The coach has access to much more detailed information, inspiration, and insight to further assist the client including using her wide variety of Spiritual Gifts.

No session is ever the same as the Coach will use the necessary methods, depending on your exact circumstances, during each visit. It can include physical healing, psychological healing, business success blocks...there's nothing we can't address!


A few days after our session, I had huge conscious breakthroughs about my repeated actions which I thought were dealt with. I patted myself on the back for looking at them with a new self-love which wasn't present prior to our session! I forgot what it felt like to "feel good" so I thank you so much for sharing your healing gifts with me. - R.H., Arden Arcade - Sacramento, CA

I need another session! You are the only thing which has kept my lifetime of migraine headaches at bay. The changes in my life experience are immense! I actually let myself feel my emotions now and that has resulted in nearly 50 pounds of weight loss, a home that is much more peaceful and I stand up for myself now like never before. You are so loving! Your healing energy always leaves me feeling "better" both inside & out, content and at peace in a way I've never experienced before. I will continue to recommend you! - J.C., Elk Grove, CA

I found you during my darkest days health-wise. The self-love of spending money on your services was well worth it as it uplifted, motivated, calmed, healed and supported me through my journey of cancer (for which I am now cancer free!) I recommend you often because you offer something that can't be found anywhere else. Your services are very unique & love filled - just like you. Thank you, Marie! - C.B, Cameron Park, CA

I attended your workshop in November and your level of consciousness, unconditional love and joy was rock solid while it opened me up to new perspectives and conscious expansion on topics for which I was literally very closed about prior. Thank you for shining your light and great power upon our entire community. We are blessed to have you here. - D.T., Davis, CA.

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