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Passing the Buck of Self Responsibility

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Repeat after me...'I AM Responsible for MY well-being!"

Did you just gasp???

Are you ready for such responsibility in your life? or are you of the Matrix mindset that it’s easier to pass the buck to others…or ignore that pain in your leg for a little while longer instead of taking care of yourself?

I’m sorry (not really!) to burst your bubble; however, we are only responsible for ourselves and minor children.

The self-responsibility process begins with loving yourself and as you do you’ll begin seeing things from new perspectives with healthy and loving boundaries in place.

There are two sides often exhibited in the personality traits of humanity…

  1. The Enablers, over-givers, empaths were taught in their youth (or ancestral lineage by suggestion) that it’s our responsibility to carry the load for everyone, when it isn’t even ours to carry!
  2. The other side of the coin are the Takers (often bordering on narcissism) whom are so self-centered that it’s habit is to pass the buck about their actions to everyone else; which is easy since they usually glom onto enablers as partners! “Oh, “I” was late and missed our schedule appointment because “they” weren’t ready to leave yet!”

Self-Responsibility happens when you are in BALANCE. You take care of your needs (even the boring and basic ones such as doctor’s appointments, paying bills on time, showing up on time, self-care of scheduled alone time, meditation etc.).

You still care about others, in fact often on a newfound level, yet let them take responsibility for themselves as the adults they are. I witness many relationships/friendships that are out of balance; mainly because the people involved are individually out of balance within themselves. This last sentence is SO important if you are on the wagon to jump into a new relationship – have it with yourself first so that you are your BEST (or at least in process of consciously becoming so) BEFORE you have a relationship.


And if you’re really brave today try, “GOD IS MY SOURCE!” …not another human, money, job, house or car.

I encourage you to go out and enjoy some sunshine and put your soul's needs first today!

In love…

Rev. Marie

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