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Lay on the Floor & Shift Your Perspective

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I'm taking a cue from author, Elizabeth Gilbert, and laying on the floor staring at the ceiling...

Seems silly, yes?

Well, if we shift our perspective by just 1% off center of what our perspective was...it changes everything! The trajectory and final destination is completely different than before.

Apparently, I'm a writer.

It's kinda silly to even admit that I have an ounce of uncertainly about that since I have a Technical writing degree, and been a paid professional for the past 12 years putting words on paper; everything from standard operating procedures to interior design blogs. Yet, I have this place of disbelief about actually publishing my personal story in print.

That little girl within is a bit concerned that someone in my life story may be hurt by me sharing the personal wounding that they caused me as a tiny child. Or maybe I don't wish to share about the shack I lived in where you could look down right through the floor boards down to the dirt ground. That might be embarrassing! HOWEVER God keeps pushing me...and pushing me because apparently telling my story will help someone.

Since 2014, this book process has been brutal. Trying to write a book while all sorts of new stories are happening and my awakening and dealing with a twin flame and dealing with simply trying to breathe and not take my own life on occasions of re-birth. Well, I decided to lay down on the floor and stare at the damn ceiling for a bit this afternoon!

You can keep complaining about life/situation or you can jump off the merry-go-round and do just a tiny thing differently.

Apparently in the 6 inch by 6 inch square of ceiling that I was staring at are like 1888 bumps of texture covered by paint. (just kidding, I'm not that anal to count them all!)

Several famous authors have stated that shifting perspective is very helpful during the writing process, as well as in life. You can't just write all the time! Go paint, dance, sing, kayak but don't write...in those other places is where we find inspiration. And sometimes you need to go other places for a while (at least from my personal experience).

So...Hi! I'm Marie and I'm an Author, who come hell or high water WILL have a published book completed before I die. This wave of life is pretty calm and I finally feel ready both within & without to put my story on paper. (And if I don't, I have a roommate that will keep reminding me daily. Thank you roomie!)

And God, well, I love you for loving me constantly when I keep thinking that I'm a bumbling mess and not worthy of love. I really AM lovable, ain't I?

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