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Step Into Your Power - Try, Try Again if you Must

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Singer Arabella Marie - Stepping into your PowerToday has been "yummy" by all accounts; which I'm taking as my reward after a month of huge shifts, breakthroughs, healing, lessons, tears and a re-birth (yet again!).

"They" say to step into your POWER...you know, like it's just so easy to do!! YET it is not!

It's not easy because we've been conditioned through belief systems, criticism, bully's, preachers, teachers, mothers, fathers, abusers etc....(you get the drift). A wealth of seeds planted by both well-intentioned, and not so well-intentioned humans. Often times, these same humans which are supposed to love and nurture us, often immediately teach us that if we don't fit in and follow rules, and/or the conditions of a civilization which is often lost, that WE are the ones whom are flawed.

We are born as LOVE then are contaminated by humanity...until we wake up and turn fear into love! My story was that I was to be quiet and not make waves or I might get into trouble (beaten). It's not an original story in the least, just ask the survivors of any kind of physical, sexual or emotional abuse!

When we step into the Garden of Heaven on Earth by pulling those weeds planted by others...we can create our own beautiful garden. And the thing about gardening is that it takes a wealth of time, especially if you are starting from scratch. Or maybe you plant some things which you realize you don't even really like so you turn the soil and plant something else. It's our garden so there is NEVER a right or wrong thing to plant. Change is inevitable, especially as we grow! Internal Changes will be reflected in our world, so do-overs are certainly allowed and encouraged.

So...today...WAS yummy! I'm not believing my old stories as much these days. I don't have to have thousands of followers, fans, what-have-you in order to BE and FEEL complete, happy, or powerful!

I've had a ton of signs from my Guides about being a Singer and my inner child immediately starts up with old stories, "What the heck Marie?!? We can't be a singer, we're a little scared girl still with no voice!" yet the Universe keeps showing me that I am a SINGER.

I keep going back out there and singing...and singing...and singing. And little by little, I'm learning, expanding, growing.

And the Universe has wondrously orchestrated various nationally-known accompanists, composers & singers to work with & learn from that quite frankly blow my mind to just be around me, support me, praise me and lift me up as one of their own! 

I'm the featured Musical Guest Artist on September 9th at Center for Spiritual Living, Davis and am humbled I get to share my voice, because I've learned that MY VOICE MATTERS. Singing, Speaking or Writing!

No more hiding.

Arabella Marie​

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