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Step One - Treat Yourself as a Sacred Space

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I've dedicated my life to Sacred Living. Most have no clue what that even really means. We've probably heard the "sacred spaces" phrase about creating a small altar for our home or office; however the concept can be incorporated into all areas of our life experience.

In 2013, I was living a life of over-indulgence in pretty much all ways. Too much weight on my physical body from stuffing emotions and too much stuff in my home from spending money on clutter (also known as knick nacks etc.). The high of shopping, the high of eating, the high of spending money by throwing it away are all ways to distract ourselves from internal pain, suffering and lots of inner child seeds planted by the world when we were children.

Having an organized home filled with beautiful things which are sacred and/or feel good to your heart & soul are very important; however the true work begins by delving into ourselves and clearing out the clutter there first! 

When you treat yourself as a SACRED SPACE, it affects your life experience! How?

You love yourself the way you've been wanting others too. You have new boundaries which have you putting your needs first, instead of last. Yes means yes...no means no. You respect yourself enough to walk away from anything or anyone that's not for your highest good..You, your daily life & people in it add to your Sacred Lifestyle positively..they don't drain or burden you. The law of attraction then naturally attracts to you all those beautiful things you've been doing for yourself. New people and situations show up! It all starts with YOU though! Look within and love yourself just as you are. Others will then show up in your daily life experience, do the same. 

This takes time usually and the main key is being focused on YOU. Your self healing! 

If you're ready to work and seek some guidance, please book a session and let's get your headed in the right direction.

In love & service...

Rev. Marie

The Sacred Self.

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