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Survive July Energies & New Vibrations on Earth

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Ahhhh.....breathe through these current energies with peace and contentment that ALL IS WELL. ☮️☯️🕉️
Grounding immensely helps! I spent the morning sleeping in, meditation, prayer, excerpts from Love Without Conditions by Paul Ferrini {yet again!}, yummy organic mint tea then venturing out to be in nature...getting in tune with Mother Earth, right now, is extremely important for your Highest Good and to assist you in regulating with the new earth energies. The sunshine is also healing!
Rev. Marie - Fields of Sunflowers - Grounding Yourself
As a {hmmmm...shall I list all my spiritual titles?} Healer, Transmuter, Gridwork Clearer and Gatekeeper I am sent on Divine assignments AND I get to enjoy the experience even when sometimes the assignment is to clear energies where death/murders have taken place. Not glamorous yet I have found the happiness & joy in just adventuring about meeting people and filling my soul up with beauty which makes me happy (cause we are each individually FULLY responsible for finding our own happiness and no one else!).
So I hope you enjoy some outdoor time to consciously connect with our Earth Mother which should assist your ascension symptoms 🌎 (and heat isn't an excuse cause it's blazing here!)
Living a Sacred Lifestyle means you are ABUNDANT in all areas and treat all things/people as SACRED -- Fill your life with good food, good friends, beauty, joy, love of self/others, work that fulfills you etc. etc. -- Get on it now!!
Rev Marie - Living a Sacred Lifestyle with Mother Earth
p.s. I'm having a sweet love affair with myself these days hence the preponderance of selfies documenting my personal happiness which I have never experienced before in this lifetime.
Rev. Marie

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