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The Journey is It

The....Journey...is it!
That is the experience that we as spiritual beings are here to explore as humans.
Matrix Humanity would like you to think that the destination is what we are here for, when in actuality the WOKE among us know that it is actually about learning along the journey.
Does that statement change any of your thinking?
When asleep we seek out the adrenaline rush of the next thing! The next high, shall we say! The rush can come from procrastination of waiting until the last minute, from the next drink, toke or orgasm. The Finish Line!! The adrenaline of the next project, even though we have a million projects in the works.
The Journey is not a straight road. It is circular returning over and over until we "get it" and decide another way of heading down the road. It's like we finally get it and decide to use the GPS that God/Universe has provided us, instead of our old belief systems, old wounded patterns so that when re-visited we can now CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE a new route.
Detours often result in glorious self discoveries through triggers, heartbreak, set backs etc. and many of us beat ourselves up when we realize we could have stayed on the straight and narrow path that Spirit showed us to follow!
My deepest heartbreaks have taught me that I AM MY BELOVED, how to beautifully & honestly work in a team environment, how to ask for help, how to love myself out of pain, misery and victim-thinking from childhood. None of that would have happened without the detours over the past few years -- What a Blessing to myself and humanity!!
Please don't beat yourself up about ANY of your decisions on the journey. They all serve a purpose. Embrace them and forgive yourself (which is often the point of the detour!).
Accepting life as it is...and as it is NOT along the road of life makes the pot holes so much easier to navigate.
May you let God lead you through your personal guidance system of Spirit/God/Universe & your loving heart so you find the smooth roads and clear navigation today and always.
Rev. Marie G Blackstock

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