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The Love Of Your Life!

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In 2015, I met a wise man who looked me in the eyes, through the tears streaming down my face, and he said, "Beloved! What if YOU are the LOVE OF your LIFE? Not this man who chose to walk away from such love & beauty...but YOU are your love?" 

I stopped crying and said, "What? Hmmmm, okay! Yeah, what if?" 

It was a life-changing moment for me. It took complete and utter destruction in my life for me to reach out for help and it immediately began changing my life course, inside then out. Which as a healer who healed others was actually uncomfortable!

If you don't have a crush on yourself and get giddy looking at the self love which radiates outta your every pore then I suspect that YOU aren't the LOVE OF your life. 

How can we love another, if we aren't loving ourselves? We can't. We convince ourselves (ego) we can yet in truth we aren't for its divine spiritual knowledge that we can only give that which we possess. If your self love tank is empty, whatcha giving?? 

This topic is as deep as the ocean and only YOU can jump into the depths to find what's true for you.

I know for me, that self love that's in tune with my true Divinity is da bomb!

I thoroughly enjoy myself, my life and eating & traveling solo and at this point, someone would have to be pretty amazing to add to my life experience as a cherry on top...cause my sundae is yummy just as it is! 

So, who's the LOVE OF your life??? 

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