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The Power of LOVE

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The (literal) Power of LOVE.

As Huey Lewis enthusiastically sang in Back to the Future, “Don't need money, don't take fame. It’s more than a feeling, that's the power of love.”

As you walk forth on your Spiritual Journey and begin taking all the love, want and desire that you’ve been craving from others and shove it wholeheartedly into your own heart, a truly miraculous thing blossoms in your reality.

All the little cracks, bruises and wounds of the heart are filled up with the healing power of LOVE. It’s like the ultimate Super Glue that puts things back together and makes the heart stronger than it ever was before. As the wounds heal, you begin transmitting your very own LOVE energy!

As that LOVE energy starts growing and radiating within you, it creates a feeling of euphoria both inside of you and to those around you. They are literally magnetized to the energy!

This is where consciousness really should be used about who you are surrounding yourself with. Is your life spent with Energy Vampires and the Toxic or are you making better choices of being with other high-conscious beings that produce their own Love energy?

A tight circle of “Lovers” is going to produce a VERY different experience in your life. LOVE energy will radiate back and forth and all around when in the presence of others with their own. You will literally feel it physically! Heaven on earth is often times the internal feeling that ensues within all those involved.

This is NOT a romantic love, it is pure unconditional love that heals, uplifts, is patient, kind, peaceful, and beauty personified. What a wonderful gift for yourself and the rest of humanity! If you are blessed to have a Twin Flame then any love received through one is shared with the other as we share our connection directly through the Heart Chakra, no matter our physical location.

When two of similar vibration come together in LOVE and decide to share it in a sexual relationship then the experience is quite literally out of this world.

Please be aware that this energy comes with great Conscious responsibility on your part too!

Its purity and intensity can trigger those that aren’t able to handle the amount of LOVE you are radiating, so it becoming a necessity to be conscious of how you interact with others. I will rarely sit squarely facing any other as my LOVE is like aiming a fire hydrant of energy directly at them. Sit directly across from, yet a bit rotated in your seat so that the hearts aren’t in direct alignment until you are sure of their capability in receiving. You’ll know!

If others get uncomfortable, fidgety, or get up and move away from you…you are “too much” for them. Don’t take it personally. Be grateful that you are vibing so high! Alternately you’ll have the ones that want to pretty much sit on your lap and follow you around like a puppy dog…those are Energy Vampires wanting to suck you dry instead of working on creating their own energy.

When “they” say that your VIBE attracts your TRIBE – they aren’t kidding. It’s important to have a tight circle with the right vibe for your ultimate journey down the road to enlightenment.

Let's keep the LOVE flowing, friends.

It all begins with Step One of a Sacred Life -- Loving yourself! And today looks like the perfect day to start doing so!

Rev. Marie G Blackstock

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