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Unity Consciousness - The Masks of Illusion Must Fall

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ANGELIC CHANNELING from Archangel Michael & Uriel -- The masks of illusions must now fall.
Unity Consciousness fully supports loving more than ONE.
This includes if you're a twin flame, soul mate, or whatever man made labeling you have attached your ego too which may even include "monogamy" -- These are all human labeling and conditioning of the Matrix, not Divine labeling. The Divine does not label or have beliefs and conditioning placed upon you or anything you do. It just loves you. You, beloveds, have taken it on to be your own judge and jury.
Your mind has created your labels, your limitations, your rules.
**** We are here to love ALL as ourself. You are, after all, made in God's image and possess the Divine essence within you - so when you don't love yourself or others..you are not loving God! ****
There is NO separation within the UNITY of one. Love is inclusive, not exclusive.
When Awakened into Unity Consciousness you will understand that your Spiritual Energy of Love for each individual never negates the love you have for any other - this includes love expressed through the physical form as sacred sex! If you can only "love one" then you are in ego separation with the ONENESS that the Divine Universe truly is.
Remove the attachment to the label and love the Universe...meaning love everything and everyone! That, humans, is your mission. LOVE.
{End trans.}
In love & service...
Rev. Marie G Blackstock

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