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Walking Our Talk

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 'Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love' - Mother Teresa

True Story...I was bitching and complaining about not having coffee this morning. Poor me! It probably wasn't too long ago that I was grumpy about not getting a good night's sleep or that I hadn't gotten the dishes washed yet or that gee whiz, poor me had to make an extra trip to the grocery store to buy something I had forgotten. Anyone relate?

Save Street Kids in Uganda Orphans - Go Fund Me - Charity

More and more worthwhile charities contact me to help them in various ways. I've often had my inner child retort loudly, "Who are we? We can't do anything! We're just lil ole Marie, that rummage store girl that is shy with boys, dyslexic and a mess within!"

Guess WHAT? I'm a walking and talking God/dess in physical form. Yep, we are all carrying the essence of God (or whatever you prefer to call the Divine which breathes life into everything).

So, I too, can make a difference...and YOU can make a difference.

I've done a lot of NOT walking my talk in life. It's so easy to spout out knowledge but not fully practice it daily. So, 2018 is my year to walk my talk and I encourage you to think about that for yourself. It is not always easy, comfortable or feeling good all the time. It is conscious, un-glamorous work.

Attached are photos of some of the orphans being taken care of by my friend, Timothy Allen, of Save the Street Kids in Uganda.

Save Street Kids in Uganda Orphans - Go Fund Me - Charity

Also a short message...

"Dear sister Marie, thank you for asking me details about our program and life here in Uganda to share with your friends. The people here in Uganda Jinja they are suffering a lot because they have no Jobs to do because of the government and they are going through some challenges like to feed they self and family too and even disease.

Every where here in Uganda many people have HIV Aids but they have no help for them and for us here at our ministry, we try our best to help this children who has no parents and no family, those are an orphan kids without parents, and we give them hope to believe in God and to have hope in their life too.

To give them Education for the future and the money can help us to feed and to pay education for this children to make their life better even when we need to build a home and school for them so that we can change their life with hope. I hope to hear from you soon. Attached are some pics of the kids with their names too. Please keep us in your prayers.

(The photos were taken in front of the home where Timothy stays and he keeps them where he rests so they can stay together)"

I am managing the U.S. GoFundMe Campaign where donations are accepted here: https://www.gofundme.com/realworldministriesSSK

Bless you for keeping them in your prayers and if your heart wishes to donate, we appreciate that too!

Rev. Marie - http://MgBlackstock.com

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