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When you know you're doing something right - OUCH!

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When you know you're doing something right - OUCH!
What the heck does THAT mean, Rev. Marie? Well, let me explain.
Over the past six days I have had three people in my life not let me be "less than" my full potential.
Do they have any clue that they affected me in any way, yet alone deeply and profoundly? I doubt it yet they are the perfect people to be in my life.
If we are living our reality surrounded by "yes men" and not those which will actually be honest with us -- those which push us into the uncomfortable waters we fear not swim -- are we really living within a reality that is for our highest good in the long run?
Sure, the relationships we have may be highly comfortable, fun or convenient, but are they assisting us in our spiritual development of mind, body & spirit?
(Mind you, the "right" people are also exceptionally fun, care-free, not co-dependent, loving, kind, joyous etc. but also straightforward honest in pushing you when you need it, with a deeply loving intention in their heart).
Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look upon it, those moments of "Ouch!" are what make us expand. They are our loud wake-up call that something is still wounded within us. It's not about them!
When we choose to feel it and be grateful, we can then heal it.
So, changing your perspective to gratitude when people put you in situations which you don't particularly like, or call you "on your sh*t" I encourage you to be grateful and use it for self-reflection, self-healing and ultimate expansion into the Divine being you actually are.
In love & service...
Rev. Marie G Blackstock

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