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Worldwide Reiki Energy Healing - Testimonial

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Your well-being is ultimately in your hands!

Whatever is held within you, results in affecting your physical vessel.

Often times, the wounds were planted when you were very young; hence I always speak to my client's inner child as soon as possible to find the original source.

Unconscious anger, grief, worry, resentment etc. is usually watered by our actions for a lifetime resulting in physical and/or psychological pain.

As your Reiki Energy Healer, I assist you in finding the weeds held within, and pulling them out. My client's results have been astounding to date!

Julie suffered from daily migraine headaches from the age of 12 until I met her at 44 -- they had affected every area of her life! After just two sessions they were nearly eliminated. Even her Neurologist couldn't believe it!! In her particular case, it was her inner child holding onto anger and not being able to let herself feel her emotions to express it as an adult.

Online Healing Sessions are helping those around the globe too!

If you are ready to invest in yourself and work with a Healer that isn't going to sugar-coat your shit, while we create a maintenance plan back to health, then visit my website & book a session today.

(Some find great clarity from just a simple Oracle Card Reading, so why not start there?)


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