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5 Outdoor Dining Spaces for a Sacred Lifestyle

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Outdoor spaces are SUCHHHHH an important element of having a "home sweet home" in my opinion.

Whether by the sea or a random suburb...being able to enjoy time in a Sacred Outdoor Space whether dining alfresco, laughing or writing is truly one of my favorite places to make memories!

If you wish to add some incense, candles or a Buddha Statue to bring that "sacred spaces" altar outside...go right ahead! The outdoors should just be an extension of your interior design style; in fact the transition from indoors to out should flow as you walk out the doors.  

Adding a water feature can do double duty since the sound can help distract your senses from traffic driving nearby and, as based on Feng Shui principles, a correctly placed water feature attracts and enhances positive energy. Choose the location of your feng shui water feature carefully to provide the most nourishing energy and prevent imbalance or conflict. For a fountain to be used as a feng shui cure, the fountain does not have to look Chinese or Asian. 

If you're new to Feng Shui, you may enjoy our new course! The Feng Shui Course & Journal makes it possible for you to improve relationships, maximize career potential and enhance your environment! Use this amazing “how to guide” to create change!

Here are some yummylicious (is that EVEN a word? lol!) photos from Pinterest that just makes me all fuzzy & warm inside. I do hope that you enjoy them too!

Rev. Marie

5 Favorite Outdoor Spaces for Sacred Living Dining

5 Favorite Outdoor Spaces for Sacred Living Dining


5 Favorite Outdoor Spaces for Sacred Living Dining

5 Outdoor Dining Spaces for Sacred Living


5 Outdoor Dining Spaces for Sacred Living

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