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Do You Believe in Ghosts? House Clearing

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Do you believe in ghosts?
I was recently doing a house clearing session in Northern California and being deeply Energy Sensitive it was apparent from the get-go that we were dealing with some strong energies hanging around still.
The past residents energy was encompassing the entire property with "death energy" vibrations. It was even overwhelming while I was just sitting in the car waiting out front.
I proceeded to walk through the entire property while doing my "transmutation & prayer work" and each pocket of pain, death, old emotions were blessed to go. The anger energy from a neighbor next door, didn't particularly help the home that's wanting to be bought and adored by a new family.
The ghosts thanked me and then visited the realtor a few days later, with similar gratitude.
The reality of what we see with our mind's eyes, is VERY different that what is actually going on around us. Energy is all around us and recently a trusted Spiritual Advisor was sharing that 95%+ of what we pick up as our energy/feelings/emotions aren't even ours!
Old, stagnant energies of the past make impressions within the subconscious of our reality. Clear the energy and new can come in!
If you are in Northern California and seek such services, book now at https://sacredhomespaces.com/products/copy-of-sacred-space-clearing-session-exterior
Option to pay at closing of home sale available.
Email for info or a custom quote: AliveAgainMarie@gmail.com

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