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6 Simple Tips to Begin Creating a Sacred Space

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Sacred Spaces.
A common misconception of a "sacred space" is that it is an altar or one tiny area of your home/office...which can be true! However, in actuality, our entire LIFE and the places we live can be sacred spaces.
It is not a certain interior design style!  Sacred Spaces often use your favorite interior design style in combination with the elements of Feng shui to create proper energetic flow in our indoor & outdoor areas.
Simple Tips to Begin Sacred Living at Home
Feng shui is related to fortune caused by location and based mainly on the Taoist understanding of nature. Your furniture placement is key - not what style you are using. Placement creates flow which affects your success, relationships, happiness, luck, health etc.
Simple Tips to Begin Sacred Living at Home
I purchased a beach cottage in 2008 and it was fully designed incorporating Feng shui basic principles; which made it our daily "sacred space" and the amount of "religious deities" where pretty much non-existent. So you can have Buddha in one corner (if that's your preference) and a bouquet of fresh flowers in your favorite modern vase which can also be considered "sacred". It's things that you truly love and that are in proper placement that create a feeling of home, comfort and serenity.
Simple Tips to Begin Sacred Living at Home

Six Simple Tips to Begin Implementing the Feeling of a Sacred Space in your home:

  • Eliminate clutter.
  • Keep your toilet lid down.
  • Get two nightstands.
  • Try not to work with your back to a door.
  • Get plants.
  • Fix what's broken or eliminate.
Happy decorating!
Rev. Marie 

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