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Channeled Message from Archangel Uriel for Divine Masculine & Feminine

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Okay peeps...no oracle cards today! How about a Channeled Message for the collective of those awake to their Divine Masculine & Feminine energies, whether inside of self or of their divine counterparts or both!?
Let's see...Masculine Side is letting ego convince them that they are broken and that they will never get their shit together however the pity party for self won't last long at all! Many may be trying to show up as "everything is okay" but inside they are struggling with anxiety because they aren't living in their truth and it's getting harder & harder to pretend that they are of the world. They are not.
Whoever you are, part of your Awakening is when the head vs. heart kicks in -- the heart always wins yet the head tries to keep you doing what you've always done instead of shifting into the truth of your heart - it's can cause great anxiety within, even nausea and internal torment. Just follow heart!! It's who you really are!
Energies will quickly shift again and remind Divine Masculine of the Powerful Divine Being they really are! You're almost through this wave of awakening, keep going to break through to YOUR truth and openly express it. (Throat Chakra meditations of healing may assist!)
You are a divine being of light, power, strength and beauty...just as you are, Divine Masculine! You don't have to "be better" - you are PERFECT in God's eyes!
The Feminine side of things...well, oh great powerful Goddess are on it right now!
You are taking no prisoners in living your life under the umbrella of the almighty truth that you are DIVINE (Diva) in every single way, however you show up. You are soft, subtle, lovely, sweet...and dynamic at the same time.
You are showing the world a new kind of beauty...one based on truth of self, not what the media world tells you to be. Your light is changing the world around you because you now know you deserve beauty, loveliness, sweetness, honesty, abundance in all areas of your life -- AND -- you are open to receiving it now because you KNOW what you deserve, so the Universe is delivering it! Ask and ye shall receive!
For #twinflames...show your Divine Masculine how to shine on earth while being all "spiritual" - lead by example for him to follow your footsteps and meet him in the middle. He's coming!
Bless you all,
Channeled through the Essence of Archangel Uriel within Rev. Marie.
Ask and Ye Shall Receive! - Rev. Marie

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