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Divine Masculine | Divine Feminine Weekly Oracle Card Reading - July 24 2018

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Good day beloveds. This general Twin Flame reading is for Awakened Divine Masculines and Feminines, for the week of July 24 through July 31, 2018. Any time in which you read this report, and it resonates, it is for you. 
The energies at the moment while dealing the cards, was of focus, clarity, sharpness and being "right on target". There is an energetic interference between the twins, at least for many. This energy is due to the fact that the Masculine and Feminine are actually focusing on different things right now, as I'll explain below. The "interference" is of divine nature since it is assisting the Feminine, in particular, focus on her individual priorities in the world. It's a blessing from the planetary alignments, you could say! This time focusing on self is actually assisting your counterpart in various ways too, especially realizing at how much he misses you while you are so busy.
Divine Masculine energy towards his Divine Feminine - Twin Flame Psychic Oracle Reading July 2018
The Divine Masculine's Energy towards the Feminine - "I'm In LOVE with YOU!"
The cards all had an intense amount of energy attached to them and boom, you've got Soul Mate - Soul Mate - Balanced Friendships - Mother/Wife/Sister/Daughter
Pretty good, huh? Well, let's delve into this a bit more. The two SOUL MATE oracle cards represent that he KNOWS you are his Soul's Mate! Not a soul mate, in the general sense, but the actual mate and perfect match to his soul. There is no more denying the connection or what he is feeling.
The two cards also represent the two individual souls which are part of the twin flame connection. He has been watching his beloved like a hawk and sees her newfound individualism, and rock solid fortitude to get done what needs to be done. He sees himself, and her, as two whole, perfect & complete beings! 
The Masculine also realizes that he has missed the FRIENDSHIP and camaraderie which he shared with his beloved, both personally, and for many, professionally. He is also quite aware that you got the short end of the stick before and it's time to come back and equally give and take as the friends you were born to be. Friends first, then lovers.
He really wants to get to know you, in the real world sense. He wants to date, play like a child, laugh, travel, and build trust on top of a solid foundation.
LADY NADA, beloved by many twin flames, graces our reading with her Mother/Wife/Sister/Daughter energy.  How does this affect the masculine's perspective of his feminine? Well, he has done a lot of work and has a newfound respect for women. This respect has opened his eyes to ALL that you are, as his beloved partner! The healing towards his mother and women in general has boosted his vibration and energized his ascension in a very short time span. The acceptance and encompassing of his own inner feminine is also a profound transformation for him.
He is not the man you remember from before. So, let this new & improved version come to you...nurture him and get to know him in the present. Meaning, leave everything that's happened before, in the past!
Ummmm....wow! It's a love fest of energy towards the feminine right now!
twin flame oracle card reading - divine feminine energy towards divine masculine
While the Divine Masculine is in LUVVVV....the Divine Feminine is truly focused on a wealth of other things right now!
Her energies towards the Masculine are:
Good News (clarifier Heart's Desire), Healing Family Issues, Drink More Water (clarifier True Love) & Laughter
All I can relay is that the Divine Feminine has a LOT on her plate right now! Her energies toward the masculine are more about telling him what is going on for her, in actuality! She's not particularly focused on him right now.
We begin with GOOD NEWS...Good news is coming your way and something beautiful is about to manifest - feelings of elation like you're on a cloud. It's time to celebrate all the wonder and beauty in YOUR life! (did you notice this is about YOUR life and everything you've been working towards Feminines?). 
HEART'S DESIRE....You are being showered with love (from your masculine & the world!). Your time of waiting will soon be over. All YOUR heart's deepest desires will be fulfilled. The energy is WAY more about the self-love which you've been giving yourself, the new business you may be working on, your upcoming move, the self healing work you've been diligent about completing...and the true message is that you're almost there feminines. Congrats!
HEALING FAMILY ISSUES...part of the Feminine's self-love work is healing her wounds caused during childhood by parents, in particular. Know that the Angels are watching over you as you diligently really FEEL the truth and then surrender into forgiveness. We aren't lingering here and being victims, we are processing and moving on! The masculine may be unaware of the immense amount of healing work that the feminines are going through day in and day out. And sometimes we can be bitter that he isn't more actively supportive; which in turn brings us often back to our parents where the bitterness began. 
DRINK MORE WATER seemed like a silly card to come out and then the Angels quickly clarified it with TRUE LOVE...of self!!! All of the true love which the Feminine's are giving to themselves is raising their vibrations, hence it dehydrates our physical vessels when the energies within raise at such a rapid pace. Additional water (coconut water really helps btw) will help with a wealth of physical symptoms of ascension.  While you're getting some water down, why not uplift yourself with LAUGHTER?! 
As mentioned above, the Divine Masculine is wanting to get to know you...and laugh, play, have some fun with you. The child-like nature of Laughter is highly enticing to him and makes you feel better, especially with all this healing going on.  Loving Laughter is a key, which many divine feminines are missing. They tend to be too serious when actually twin flames are really just children finding their way back to each other. Play time is highly recommended! 
As the Divine Feminine continues to LOVE HERSELF up amply, in turn, makes the Divine Masculine love YOU! That's how the mirror works. 
If this Psychic Angel Oracle Card Reading resonated with you, please leave a comment below or share using the social buttons provided.
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In love & service...
Rev. Marie

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  • cowgirlscadillac on

    Wow my twin flame has finally ran after too much stress. We both know we are twin flames and talked over the years of him running and he knew he was a runner. I’m always negative but have hope and everything you mentioned on these and a few others parellel exactly what’s been happening to a tee and exactly how i feel my masculine twin flame feels and doing. He needs to grow and become responsible on his own now and hope he works on changing as i am and hope we can come back together start over and be friends and then work back to a relationship and i have become more individualed as well and hes been making up with his mother and grandma like the cards pulled after years of disconnection. And has ego issues too. All of this i was thinking way before reading this and been looking for readings regarding all this so thank you.

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