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FREE Twin Flame Reading - July 2018

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If this Angel Oracle Psychic Reading message resonates with you, it's for you. Originally channeled on July 3, 2018; however anytime which you read it, it is still valid.




The resounding energy is all about Finances & Career and a block on both sides OR perceived block! It isn't really. Both DM/DF (divine masculine/divine feminine) are working hard in 3d (earth realm) however it is to the detriment of the harmonious union which they could actually have. Both have inner child wounds/stories which tell us we must WORK hard as our 1st priority...instead of LOVE hard as 1st priority...then the money comes!


(It's a similar energy patterns which make us feel guilty when we take time off work or thinking we must hustle instead of letting God bring us the flow of prosperity)


The DF seems to understand this concept pretty well. The DM who has the DNA, analytical mindset & conditioning of work 1st to provide. What DM does not encompass is that from Spiritual standpoint as soon as he surrenders to LOVE first - God will provide - and more than he has even imagined!


Once #twinflames come together their success is ordained (and pre-ordained at that) by the Highest on High!


So, don't hustle or sweat it...focus time on surrendering in true FAITH of the heart (not just thinking it in mind).


So, the PASSION Is there! Big time! all the time! Many, many DM's have released their karmic partners (wifes, gf, soul mates) and are finally working on themselves bravely. The finances are actually blocking the passion on many levels, I'm sorry to say. The hustle causes fatigue and is often times busyness so we don't focus on the true passion we feel within. It's there though, even if not being expressed outwardly. AND...when you stop all the busy & hurry you can work on realizing that YOU deserve love...


And when you really, truly know that you deserve LOVE you'll finally unleash the Passion, instead of hiding it (which doesn't feel good).


Angel's Channeled advice: Shift from Hustle (ego mindset) into Faith from the heart that all your needs are ALWAYS met!


Affirm: God is MY SOURCE


It is about the intention within yourself: hustle is from lack. faith & letting jobs/opportunities come to you is faith & of God.


It is not about starving or not providing (we know its important for the man to provide & be the hero!) It's about living from love, not lack.


We go to God first with prayer...not last!


We cast our fears to God and truly LET GO so we are NOT concreted in fear/wounds/lack any longer.


Some of the DF's are still holding lack in that they feel their DM will not accept them due to our low income or how we live.


Can someone wealthy really LOVE someone that is not?

Yes...they can. Let them!


Some of the DM's are also still in HUGE lack and think that the DF can not or will not love them if they aren't good providers or not at the top of their game at the moment - farther could be from the truth!


Divine Feminines are Queens who help build up along side their King.


Bless you, bless you, bless you and cast your lack away today into the winds of change & growth...


Be in LOVE and PASSION -- for that is the way of the #twinflames in harmonious union on earth.


And so it is.


- Rev. Marie G Blackstock

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  • Rev. Arabella Marie on

    Amanda – it is a journey to SELF more than anything else. Overcoming your addiction will surely help you…and your twin. Everything that stands in the way of loving yourself unconditionally must be dealt with (is my experience!). Blessings to you!

  • Amanda on

    I believe ive met my twin flame who is also a psychic medium but im not with him at the moment.will we come back into union after i overcome my addiction?

  • Rev. Marie on

    Twin flame readings are available here: https://sacredhomespaces.com/collections/services/products/twin-flame-oracle-card-reading-7-cards Namaste!

  • Hi on


    Can I have a twin flame reading?

    Thank you.

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