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Healing for Men

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I wrote this one year ago for Facebook...great article, if I do say so myself! I hope it helps some one. I'm here to answer questions, if they arise within you. - Rev. Marie G Blackstock
Why are you Afraid of Me?
I remember speaking with my twin flame’s best friend a while back and we were discussing me and how I am “scary”.
I laughed. He didn’t.
He said that seriously, I was scary to most men (including my twin) because I’m strong, sexy, intelligent, know what I want, stick up for myself and ain’t gonna put up with any games from a player.
To think that anyone finds me scary makes me sad. The man who beat me as a child was scary. That’s not something I ever want to be to another.
To find out that someone I love, as much as I love God, thinks I’m scary instead of loving, beautiful, sweet, strong and independent has brought me more than a few teardrops upon my pillow. Just because I have an opinion doesn’t mean that I don’t also happen to have a huge heart that understands differences... and is more than willing to talk things out.
If you are still fearful/intimidated/scared of powerful women, for YOUR highest good, you may want to delve deep into these questions:
*Why am I afraid of this woman?
*Is it really her that I am afraid of? Or does she remind me of someone from my past (mother, sister, teacher, lover, wife)?
*Does a woman’s self-assurance/confidence make me feel inferior? Why?
*Is it fair to take out my self-imposed inadequacies upon a woman in any manner?
* Does showing off her sensuality make her a bad mother, wife… or do I only see her as a sex object instead of a person?
It is when we ask ourselves deep questions that we can find out our limiting internal beliefs and how we have unconsciously placed these limitations upon others, when it’s often not warranted. Our wounds are placed upon others until we heal them by getting real with ourselves.
Two equals in a respectful relationship is the most dynamic experience a couple can have. Each pull the weight and complement each other fully. You will never have this relationship if you can’t get to a place of confidently loving yourself fully then opening to your woman through vulnerability and truth.
The Goddess.

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