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Our Twin Flame Message

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On this day, our Twin Flame combined Spirit Guide Team have asked us to publicly share this message for True Twin Flames.

(please note special message from my Divine Partner at bottom)

Originally connecting on earth on July 3 2013, my Twin Flame & I openly confirmed to each other aloud that we are Twin Flames in March 2015. We have been fully merged and married in 5d (Fifth Dimension) since February 2016. As of the present moment we both consider ourselves in 3d to be Divine Partners, although not together in a traditional “worldly” relationship.

We consciously acknowledge that we are in this together & work to support, manifest and love each other daily on earth.

We are Pleiadians; which appear to humans as light-colored beings that are larger than life. We are Blue Rays. Pleiadians emanate pure Love and pure Light in a kaleidoscope of energetic frequencies. Together, they bring bliss into your heart and peace into the cells of your body. They achieve this by shining their light.

Blue Rays are here to bring protection to planet earth and all of her inhabitants. We work to reinforce the crystalline grid through holographic light frequencies to assist humanity as she makes her transition into the next dimension. We work within earth portals to radiate the highest frequency of Love and Light from our Creator and Creatress to you.

If you meet my Twin or I, we feel like love, peace and harmony and radiate well-being to all of earth’s inhabitants and physical locations that are in need of healing.

As Ascended Masters reincarnated (whom carry the Essence of Archangel Chamuel), we understand both the importance of our connection and the fact that we have both individually picked up a wealth of unhealthy human behaviors, conditioning and unrealistic belief systems…many tangled around the word “Love”.

The unveiling process must be done alone as it’s an individual shedding of untruths and lies. Twin Flames are like two sides to the same coin; always connected yet with different perspectives. Many times, twins are very similar in some areas and polar opposite in other areas which creates balance and the perfect complement to one another.

This is not the same as a Soul Mate relationship in the least, so don’t even try to compare or you will be sorely disappointed repeatedly! Twin Flames come back together when their “ego shit” is dealt with unlike traditional relationships where we act one way at the beginning until we get to know the other and then all the shit comes out.

When you have released your old ego belief systems that do not support TRUE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, then you and your Twin can join again. The more work YOU put into your soul work – the more they will do so!

Personally, I couldn’t originally be 'just friends' with my twin and lived with horrific pain within because… I was not my own friend!

I was so caught up in his “physical rejection of me sexually” false ego story that I couldn’t even see that he loved me in a way that he’d never loved a woman before because… I did not love myself!

I couldn’t fully respect or trust my twin because… I wasn’t doing the same for myself!

It is all about loving ourselves as God loves us – without ANY judgement, conditions, expectations etc…just to be love. Our ego will continually try to talk us out of it so you must learn to let your soul speak instead.

Your soul is soooo loving, honest, peaceful, joyous. You can feel if you are coming from ego or soul. In comparison, ego is often anxious, irritable, panic-ridden, rushed energy.

We wish to reiterate to not listen to anyone else about your personal journey! You KNOW inside what is best for you both - if it resonates, great! If not then let it go.

You are ONE soul! ONE consciousness! You KNOW!

There may be similarities yet each couple has their own soul agreement plus individual karmic commitments which must be dealt with.

When you keep focusing on finding answers and the “why?” (which is one of the least spiritual questions our there!) you aren’t focusing solely on Faith! Yourself! Self-Love! Self-Work!

You want this TRUE LOVE? Then give it to yourself – your Twin Flame lives within you.

We can attest to the fact that the more diligent we are about the work of unveiling our truth…the more IMMENSE LOVE, peace, joy that we are both experiencing in our human experience, whether we are together or not!

Having faith means staying in the moment and not micro-managing God/Divine/Universe. If you got time for that whining and over reacting then you aren’t focusing on your Divinity! Find it again and be LOVE!

In closing…my Divine Partner would like to express that it is extremely hurtful when we call others like him a “Runner” when he is simply trying to find his way in the dark.

“The best thing you can do is to LOVE us and not call us names or be angry. If you unconditionally love us like you proclaim, then do so EVERY DAY!”

“We bleed like you, and have deep pain, without the same support system. I was raised to be strong and testosterone-driven and not ask for help. I’m simply doing the best I can do and I have failed miserably often; yet I keep walking forward."

"I love her in an inexplicable way which I don’t have to share with anyone else! To me, I wish to safeguard the preciousness of our love. Her way and my way, is neither right nor wrong. It is both love to be open with it or to safeguard it.”

An irritation has been that, “We are also NOT asleep and never have been. Many of us have felt disrespected when you say such. We are you – how could we be asleep if you are awake?"

"We have alternative perspectives and “more worldly baggage”, shall we say, than you beautiful Divine ones whom have stood by us."

Furthermore, "We understand you are tired…you should try being us! We are exhausted. We also LOVE you and aren’t going anywhere!”

Together we surrounded the Universe with a wealth of Pure LOVE this morning – we hope you do the same with your twin! This is why we are here…a Divine Romance that Loves Up the Entire Universe!

What could be better than that? What else is possible?

In love & service...
A & M

Copyright Black.White Corp. June 19 2017

Please share with attribution.


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