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Reader Questions | Real World Twin Flame Merging

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Far from a woo-woo, spiritually heavy with big profound words will be found in this post. It was channeled to speak in real world language for those that are trying to understand the Twin Flame connection as it shows up on earth.

I personally appreciate all the woo-woo stuff however my job is to translate for you so you can understand. The higher consciousness connection of twins allows them to share telepathy, an over soul and out of this world astral sex and communication.

However, the point of twin flames that are both incarnate at the same time, is to bring the heaven on earth experience enjoyed in higher realms down to earth.  We bring the immense love to earth to help heal humanity by our mere existence and sometimes missions.

So, let's talk about some Twin Flame Reader Inquiries concerning everyday life as you are merging together...cause some of it is "No Joke!" shall we say.

One Twin Flame reader shares, "So something interesting happened last night..Jeff was all in his feelings for us and was super emotional. As I was going to sleep, each side of my body would flinch or twitch and then I'd feel heart energy. Super interesting. Never had that happen before. One side would flinch or twitch and then heart energy, and they alternated." First off, please understand that having physical symptoms is common place for twin flames.

It is common when you are "waking up" and it is turned into high gear if you've met your "Twin Flame". Many have reported feeling like they are having a heart attack when it's really just their Heart Chakra and Heart Space opening up. It's been closed, or partially so, their whole life so it's quite real to the human body when it happens.

Energetic shifts between the twins causes twitches, flinches etc because you're merging and if you're on a different energetic vibration then this can happen. Imagine if you placed a positive jumper cable onto a car that's running and you place it on the negative post of the battery...it creates a spark, doesn't it? Same thing! 

This same energetic reaction in the body can happen when you sleep near someone with a very different vibration than yourself. Mine personally became so bad when I was married that I got my own bedroom. I would lay there all night long with my legs twitching like electric energy flinching through it. Away from him, I slept like a baby. I've had similar with my twin flame both in 5d and in 3d. It takes time to get on the same vibration. (Twin Flames are the exact same frequency remember? BUT not same vibration when we meet usually until we raise it into a balanced state with each other).

Another question, "Who decides or agrees on the soul merge? One or both? And who decides the depth of the merge?

Two examples of he and I merging deeper than we already have been... Whenever he sneezes now, it either makes me sneeze a little or some moisture comes out of my nose. Or I feel his sneeze more intact in me. Or... if he feels a fart coming on and he can't let it rip, I've been feeling him squeezing his ass cheeks to keep it in.

How do these merges happen? Especially the very deep ones like I have with him. Is it a silent mutual agreement? Or one facilitates it? Not sure. Wasn't sure if anyone really knew the answer or we're all winging it here."

Read this...YOU decide.

YOU decide everything. There is no "he and she"....you are ONE.

All merging, all karmic situations that arise, every single thing in your twin flame connection is determined by you on some level of consciousness. When you're ready to merge into harmonious divine union, you do it. 

Back to sneezing, farting etc...I can attest to the fact that my twin flame and I sneeze at the same time and have for years. If he's sick, sore back or tired...I feel it in my body too! I have bowel movements on a similar schedule as he does now. I was the "forever constipated" girl who now poops regularly - it could be said it's a shitty situation or you can look at it as, "Hey, thanks! I'm regular now thanks to us merging!" It's all how you look at things. 

Merging naturally takes place over time, guided by the one soul, and happens with the soul, heart, chakras, body, then mind...from my personal experience not always in this order or all at once.

Example: In 2014 I start writing like him and talking like him. In 2015, our bowel movements, sex drive, sleeping patterns, thoughts about life, situations become more alike. In 2016 our hearts are merged and feel each other breathing and love radiating during all waking hours. It's a process.

It isn't a straight path in how you merge parts of each other, it's circular as certain elements merge together. The soul will naturally merge when you're ready.

But the two of you are actually ONE so just go with it...instead of against it!

Yes, sometimes it can feel like a burden (especially early on if you aren't fully sure about what's going on) but later down the line you will see it's what you signed up for and just be like, "Oh, we're merging pieces of ourselves again. Okay, cool! What do I get to take on now." When you feel them hurting, crying, angry you learn to console them in 5d and help them through it. You work as a team! As "us" at all times!

If you are questioning...all the time...about everything happening on your twin flame journey, that's your EGO. 

Let go my EGO!!!

...okay, it's a bad pun about Ego Waffles however it's true. The sooner you stop questioning with your mind everything, you'll start shifting into the true gift of this beautiful, loving, healing connection.

And it's a connection, not a man made relationship.  And my twin and I have spent time together in 3d...and it's a connection both in 3d and in 5d. The main difference is that it is NOT co-dependent at all. It can't be and if it is then the Universe/God will mix things up for you until it is not. I have learned this first hand!

Enjoy your journey to SELF...it is truly beautiful once that ego goes quiet and you live in love. 

If you have questions about your Twin Flame journey you may enjoy one of my Oracle Card Readings, Reiki Healing or Coachings session. Check my Services page!

Bless you!

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