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Relationships - What do YOU Like?

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Admitting what you are & what you like is half the battle to owning your truth.

I am surrounded in my life by people that are in the spotlight. Like attracts like, as they say 

Some love it, some don't. Some seek acknowledgement silently, others loudly.

So recently, it came up in conversation if I liked being in the spotlight and I finally admitted aloud to others...well, yeah! I love it! Yet I haven't really ever sought it out, it has just always happened!

It may surprise a lot of you, but actually I'm pretty shy at times and can be very quiet due mostly to my upbringing and belief systems. Being noticed has always been a love/hate relationship within me. Case in point when I showed up for choir rehearsal the other night and I just casually & quietly walked in as I do and the Director is like -- "Oh Girl! Look at you. The Goddess is here so we can all get started now!" And I blushed and said, "Shhhh...".

Once the truth started flying...then another friend bursts out with "I love it too!" and didn't even realize how much I love the spotlight! Another quietly says, "Yeah, I sing and do this and that in front of people but...yeah...I like my privacy and quiet so no spotlight really needed; yet I keep going back out there for more."

And how do you like acknowledgement Marie? I blurted out, "Oh, definitely publicly or I don't feel appreciated in the least!"

I couldn't even believe I said it yet a wealth of relief came over me immediately because I had never wanted to tell anyone as I thought there was something wrong with it from a humility standpoint or worrying that others would think I was stuck up (which, ya'll, I ain't in the least! I've eaten too much humble pie in life. Let's just love each other, damn it!)

Guess what? God wants us to be ourselves in EVERY way!

We each are the same, yet are different.

Learning to accept self and take time to love and appreciate others in the ways that resonate with them changes your relationships. When we don't fully claim everything about us, it creates resistance energy which repels.

I'm a woman that was born to be in the spotlight - no more Universal resistance can take place now because I've owned it without fear of what others think, or my old limiting beliefs that have been in the way.

So my spotlight loving friends and I take turns shining the light on each other and the relationships are balanced and healthy - not competitive in the least.

In fact we power up and support each other like a tribe and consciously communicate and praise in the way that they like best, which in turn helps them rise even higher.

Just Be You -- that's all that God is seeking from you to Be.

In love & service...
Rev. Marie

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