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Relationships - Women Dating Bi-Sexual Men

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Dating a bisexual man is still a taboo - but research suggests that they can be better lovers, fathers and partners 

Interesting article. I honestly am at a point in my life where I don't understand the "need" for labeling where love & sex are concerned. This is coming from a former strictly monogamous hetero who was married for 30 years AND whom has expanded her horizons sexually, relationally & openly over the past few years.

Dating a woman a few years ago, whilst enjoying a polyamorous relationship with our male lover (whom had 4 regular lovers including his wife, his live-in girlfriend & all his Sacred Goddesses), had me trying to fit the connection within a box of societal labeling. All while I was deeply in love with my Twin Flame whom only wanted to be "friends".

Am I a lesbian now? No, I still deeply love cock and men! Men are fabulous whether straight, gay or bi as far as I'm concerned.

Hmmmm... Am I bi-curious?

Am I maybe just in a state of love with this person, as well as this person over here, as well as this other person too...and it's all just okay? Without any label necessary!

(notice I state that I'm in a state of love with them...that is different than "being in love" with them. Being in love is like a child with hormones & dizziness & craziness & trying to make them happy & changing who I am when I'm around them. Being "in love" is co-dependent where we lose our identity. I am writing today about being together in love and it starts within me as an individual! I am interconnected with these humans, not dependent upon them for my happiness, my joy, my pleasure. This is conscious love where we look at everyone Divinely and as part of the ONE known as God/Universe/Spirit, not of the ego. More on this another day!).

Love is love, it is not gender based to me any longer. Love is Simple. Societal conditioning and fear of what others think really limits our experiences as a human. Or we will explore a bit then carry shame and/or guilt deep down due to our religious patterning. Or worst yet, we worry about what other people think about us if we don't fit into their norm in any matter, but especially concerning our relationship and sexual preferences.

Reminder, Love is Simple, If it's complicated then it's your ego, your inner child, your fears in the way and complicating matters because...LOVE IS SIMPLE. Don't shove it into any sort of box...let it be, let it expand, contract but no manipulation is required.

Our "God self" is gender-less --  We are just a soul of pure love once you remove all the worldly conditioning from us!

The sexual hardware is different between man & woman; however the point of wanting to share our Divine self through our human vessel is the exact same...pleasure, unity, communion, love and sometimes prayer or worship of the God self we are.

Pretty beautiful, if I do say so myself. Anyways, this is a good read if you're open-minded, open-hearted etc.

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