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Sacred Sexuality is a Lifestyle

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If you are interested in a life of Sacred Sexuality then it is far than just about the act of sex. It is a lifestyle.

It is foreplay with your partner every moment of the day. A worship to them through words, actions and compassion. Every orgasm a prayer.

Worshiping and honoring each other equally as the Divine beings that each is, is one of the main keys of the lifestyle -- meaning a true & pure devotion from one heart to the other.

Meaning a bowing of love, honor and praise to each other's sacred body. Their wants. Their desires. Their dreams.

It is a spiritual life that fully honors, respects and praises the body, mind, and spirit of each God/Goddess in the relationship as the Divine being they truly are. They are God or Goddess in physical form...praise them!

What is given is received...what is received is given.

The energetic exchanges are balanced therefore creating a life of intense love, pleasure and spiritual heights unknown to most. Partners are on the same page of how sacred and important their sensuality and sex life as human beings is.

This is very different that the lustful wants and desires based only on visuals of what a body part looks like to entice us. Very different than a booty call or rush to orgasm.

Each action between the lovers is sacred. It is conscious. It is love expressed through words, touch, praise, meals, living environment and, last but not least, the partner's sacred sexual acts. They make this sacred connection a priority, not an afterthought.

In closing, men often get the short end of the stick in society and are absolutely just as deserving of loving words, encouragement and support as the female. Many awakened men seek opportunities for touch, connection, communication without sex involved. A Goddess expresses love to her God in many forms other than the status quo. Love him, honor and respect him in the manner you wish to be loved!

There are many ways to make love, to be in a relationship, to not succumb to what everyone else is doing. We are powerful beyond measure and here to learn, love, explore and bust the heck outta the norm!

In love & service...
Rev. Marie


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