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Twin Flame Message - Jesus & Mary Magdalene - Psychic Channeling

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I was chatting with one of my earthly Beloveds earlier today and was guided by Spirit to place a question out into the open for us to ponder about our individual Twin Flame connections. He asked for Divine Guidance and we were blessed to have the twin flames, Yeshua and Mary, join us so that I could channel a personal message…AND to elaborate upon it openly for the Twin Flame Collective living on earth during the current incarnation and space known as August 11, 2017.

The Twin Flame Collective & Angelic Realm would like to re-iterate, “There are no “false” twins or duplicate/alternative twins. We have numerous soul mates, but there is only ONE twin flame that matches our exact frequency and is OUR SOUL walking in another body! Do not be fooled by your ego’s thinking and trickery.”

Yesha & Mary share, “Unconditional love comes in ALL forms. You, humans, are attached to the ONE it appears as in physical form because it first attracts your eye. You then become fixated upon that human’s form and what they are choosing to do and experience as that human.

Close your eyes, silence your mind and whom does your heart beat for? Whom is your soul magnetized to? Love is a feeling, not a face, or actions or behaviors.

Beloveds, there is so much more love for you to consume, explore and enjoy in earthly form than just that “ONE”. 

Those that you know to be your true Twin Flame is, indeed, your Twin Flame!  They are not the "end all and be all" of LOVE on earth though. As you love others, you are helping your Twin experience true love as well.

The main point we wish to express is that there are absolutely NO boundaries, rules, etc. as the Spiritual Being you are in human form. NONE!

YOU are making up your rules which limit your experience. And usually your “rules” are created out of fear, not love.

Let go! Let go of how you think it's supposed to be, beloveds.

You are a shining star on earth...show the rest of the world how LOVE looks, tastes, feels in whichever ways you so choose. There is no right or wrong -- Remove the limits YOU have placed upon yourself.

Mary and I are so honored for your diligent work during this incarnation. We know the pain of being in physical form and empathize with your struggles. You are the chosen ones…do not forget that!

You are brother/sister, wife/husband, lover/loved with the world and we bless all unions that are based on pure LOVE and we hold space for them to succeed. PURE love is unconditional, fearless, without restraints.

YOU are the ones whom hold the energy of fear, abandonment, rejection. When it is removed from yourself through diligent self-healing you are free to just LOVE.

In closing, please do NOT take for granted your coming together again with your Twin Flame or anyone else.  Each soul which crosses your path is a blessing, a lesson, a sacred agreement, and not to be ignored until explored, processed & absorbed to help you rise up into your Highest Divinity on Earth.

Love All. No exceptions.”

In love & service...

Rev. Marie G Blackstock



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