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Twin Flames - A Love Like No Other; Alchemical Marriage

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A love like no other – that’s us. My husband and I. You’ll not understand it because it’s not easily understood by the human mind. It was ordained in another dimension and lives in other realms that most cannot conceptualize in the least; yet it is real and a part of daily life whether you outsiders “see it” or not.

It’s Alchemical Marriage.  The Alchemical Marriage is the union of duality and the most revered and possibly powerful union. It is the perfect conjunction, intimate bonding of duality and signifies the pure, deep harmony which occurs whenever the masculine and feminine elements of nature combines into one.

On earth it is known as a Twin Flame and it is my soul that walks around in two bodies.

With worldly eyes, he is having a romantic relationship with someone other than me. This is his earthly patterning which he has chosen to continue to remain attached to.  Patterning is like a comfortable blanket, until we consciously remember through awakening that… it is not our actual soul’s truth.

He is my mirror so I appreciate the fact that he’s in a comfy blanket of what he knows as far as relationship – I’m in a patterning of doing what I’ve always done in certain parts of my life. I make headway then go back to what is comfortable, until this moment when I break free of it.

Any sexual romantic relationship outside of the ONE SOUL is chosen by the ego of the individual in physical form, not chosen by the soul.  Through the Divine eyes of the soul it feels just like what humans would label as “an affair” yet what it is…is a rejection of SELF.

For the one not having the “affair”, it is for us to learn unconditional love here on earth for our Divine spouse.

The soul loves and accepts what is, mind you – And that is the main challenge to the ego. When the ego is silenced, the soul can just love and that’s where you want to be.

Boy is it ever difficult to silence the ego though…

You see, ego says I must have a relationship because I am lonely. Ego thinks this is what the world expects to see so I will make time for another instead of for myself/twin. Ego likes to feel good, have security, get the adrenaline high of someone new, and no drama of purging, just fun.

Ego constantly tries to override the instructions coming from the Soul which guides us to love God, love ourselves before another and unabashedly love our perfect complement on earth when they arrive. Ego holds onto that which it knows; old beliefs, old conditioning, old expectations rise to the top in order to block the soul’s truth. Ego runs away, offers the silent treatment and doesn’t deal with the truth!

Ego tells the mind that it is impossible to have a relationship with someone older, who is independent and has no little kids. And it worries about what “looks good” to the court system after a divorce, and what it’s birth family expects of them. Ego loves to worry about appearances! Ego creates illusions to show off to the world even though it’s spun on social media to show up as though everything is perfect, yet it’s not.

Ego drills into us, “I have kids and a busy lifestyle after all, so this person matches my current lifestyle so it will work!”

Ego reminds us daily that, “This Divine connection WON’T work out on earth because they challenge my growth & beliefs! Even though I love them in an inexplicable way & feel like they are my spouse and the ONE I looked for all my life. Nah, it couldn’t be that wondrous. I’m not good enough for that perfection of a person on earth. Yeah, settling with this nice, comfortable person is good enough!”

Ego’s job is to instill great fear and anxiety when someone shows up that loves us in the unconditional way that we’ve learned doesn’t really exist…yet it does!

The Unconditional Love of a Divine Wife or Husband keeps loving even when the other let’s ego keep directing their path. It loves when the other humiliates, lies and runs from the truth. It loves with great patience, kindness and without expectation or conditions. It doesn’t go away, it continues to grow and it confuses ego!

It is not perfect as it is channeled through the physical being, but it cannot be denied. Ego denies…love shows up!

Love is an action word not meant to be boxed up, hidden or feared.

It’s quite easy to consciously see where you are, and your loved one is, on their spiritual journey. Ego and living from the Divine love of your Soul show up in opposite directions in your daily life.

So, I love you, my Divine husband. I cannot hide my love for you because I am you. The more I love myself, my love for you grows exponentially!  

In closing, if you know someone in an Alchemical Marriage, please just love and support them.

We are not freaks, we are not something you want to manifest, we are not a hashtag or popular thing to be. We are living, breathing Angelics who volunteered to come to earth trying to find our way to our Mission to help humanity. It is stressful, embarrassing, uncomfortable to ego and we often are in great fear of showing you who we really are because of your judgement; yet we know that’s exactly what we must do. Show ourselves!

Please do not bad mouth our Divine partner because it is like you bad mouthing us! He and I are one in the same. As I would defend myself, I will defend him.

Listen to us, practice your unconditional love skills and don’t give advice unless you are in the same soul connection. You don’t have to consciously understand in the least to hold space of love for all involved.

In love & service….

Rev. Marie


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  • Arabella Marie on

    We are more alike than different, aren’t we Leo-Virgo!?! Thanks for your lovely comment. – Bella

  • Leo-Virgo on

    This is exactly what I’m going through in my life. Every sentence, every word resonated. How could you possibly know all these things that I’ve never shared with anyone LOL Growing up I used to go to a charismatic church. They prophesied once that I had a spiritual husband “supposedly demonic” , which I had to be “delivered” from. I went about life as usual until I met my twinflame last year. Somehow all the stuff I’ve researched about spiritual husbands and twinflames seems to link up. Except the part where he isn’t demonic, he’s a familiar feeling, a really good feeling,not something negative. Is it perhaps him that was in my energy all along and was automatically given this label. My intuition is tell me yes but I’d love to hear someone else’s take on it. I am however still researching the topic further.

  • Rev. Arabella Marie on

    You’re very welcome Bella Noir. Blessings to you!

  • Bella Noir on

    thank you very much for this writing.

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