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Twin Flames - It's Just a Label

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A note for twin flames...

Relayed to you with a wealth of love, peace, deep truth from my heart to yours.

I haven't been mentioning that I am a twin flame or about my twin flame for quite a while now. Here's the reason, which I hope helps some of the Divine Feminine's have a realization about themselves.

(And to the many Divine Masculines that now also follow me, to let you know things do eventually change).

Twin Flames is a label. My soul doesn't need a label...or to be obsessed about any of it.

My soul also doesn't need to spend every waking moment reading, watching, talking, venting, etc. etc. etc. and on, on, and on again...about twin flames. That is co-dependency and obsession.

Our higher consciousness clearly guides me to a few select messages through social media on occasion. That's it.

We are extremely special and enjoy a very unique human experience. Our soul is comfortable with any and all things which have been shared about our journey to date however; at this point in time, the full effort and shift into being focused on being complete & balanced in SELF is on!

As I love, console, and support myself the love grows within our soul.

We are literally always together. Feeling each other's breathing, heart beating, nervousness, sadness and joy throughout each day. The depth of the soul connection grows and grows -- it does not diminish.

So....If you have enough time to be online constantly and your only thing in your life is about your twin flame, your love for them, your desire for them, getting tarot readings then you are living from ego, not soul.

You are not FULLY focusing on becoming complete within yourself!!! It is quite well-known that a spiritual journey is within. Yes, you hold all the answers. If you are a twin then you hold all the answers for both of you. Your higher consciousness is one. You don't need someone else to tell you about yourself, do you?

When ego is silenced enough, the Soul knows and trusts the connection AND is very calm about it. It never blames the other for anything...it just loves and is in a state of neutrality for the most part.

There are admittedly tiny blips but each twin is responsible for their blibs of pain which arise occasionally in daily life. When we dive into the emotions, feelings, wounding then we heal much faster. What we resist, persists!

My soul as the Divine Goddess is strength personified and doesn't have to "show it off" or be vocal about it. We are very loving, understanding, equally maternal & sexual, and deeply compassionate to ourselves, our twin and humanity. We are committed to our twin without any worldly confirmation. It just is and we don't have to defend or share it with others.

It is an internal journey to self. Twin flames are one in the same -- your ultimate mirror!

I've shared plenty online and many true twins still do. No one else knows your journey and divine blueprint but you & your twin.

This is just my current experience and where I am at. I was Divinely guided by Spirit and both the Angelic & Twin Flame Collective to share my love, peace & truth with you...

Twin Flames are VERY RARE on earth. We have the deepest unconditional love for each other wherever we are & whomever we are with; which is not even imaginable to the human mind or heart until it happens to you.

Get outta your head so the love emulating from your soul can walk you steadily to your Divine truth.

In love & service....
Rev. Marie

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/revmgblackstock/

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