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Twin Flame Oracle Card Reading - Video

Twin Flame Oracle Card Reading - Video


Rev. Marie Blackstock is a Illumined Blue-Ray Twin Flame in 5d merged union and uses her natural Psychic abilities, Empathic knowing, and Angelic Channeling abilities to provide you simple guidance through an Oracle Card Reading which will be emailed to you as a synopsis report as well as a short attached video of your actual reading and messages.

You will be contacted prior to the reading as to what your specific question is regarding.

The angels & I look forward to assisting you in receiving the guidance you seek.

Rev. Marie


 Studied and contemplated your channeling for me and it has opened many blocks and allowed me to peek behind the veil. My favorite phrase is that everything he has ever known is not true. So what you said about detours is also true. Peace now to recognize that and affirmation that we will always be together. So glad I can finally allow this truth in. Your reading confirmed numerous issues for me and has given me the certainty I needed to accept him as my twin.....even if it turns out he is not. What we have and what we have done is truly miraculous and I hope some day he will heal and awaken enough to see it. Thank you and the angels so much for your support. - N.A. of Georgia, May 2017


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