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About Us

Have you ever walked into a home and it feels sterile?

How about ones that you simply don't feel comfortable in sitting down for a spell for whatever reason?

Our homes are simply an extension of us, our personality, our beliefs and should be designed for utmost comfortability to self and those invited in.

Filling your space with things that are loved and treasured in an organized manner adds comfort and proper energetic flow can then keep the environment fresh and welcoming.

How do you get to a place of creating such a place? By beginning to declutter yourself and finding balance within.

Why I love what I do 

"I was born with a gift to uplift and beautify people and places! My natural abilities to make any place feel like home is partly a gift from the Heaven's above in combination with a lifetime of home and garden renovations, writing for design magazines, running a gift & home accessories retail store and incorporating the basics of Feng Shui into my very own homes. Since becoming an ordained minister through Universal Life Church and diligently developing my natural born healing and intuitive abilities my mission is to help others on their spiritual journey...and that all begins at home!" - Rev. Marie

You will find your online shopping experience to be a bit "different" than the norm, as each product provides spiritual benefits, tips and the "why" reasoning behind why the product will assist you and your living environment.

Although our vision is spiritually-based; we fully believe that any product, in any style or design, can be sacred and have meaning if you so choose. We'll teach you how.

Rev. Blackstock dedicates many hours to charitable organizations around the globe through volunteering and cash donations through her, Real World Ministry, so 11% of your purchase price will be donated to charity. Learn more about our giving back program here.

"Each of us, from every walk of life, can make a difference in the world through one small action towards helping another," - Rev. Marie Blackstock

Black.White appreciates you supporting us in our vision of a better world.