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Conscious Business Customer Testimonial

Rev. Arabella Marie and conscious business client, Gerrie Walker Inspires
"When someone begins a business, especially one that is of a Spiritual nature and one that is guaranteed to help people, it is so important to work with someone who gets that.   Rev. Marie came into my life when I had just began my retirement and I knew I wanted to start a business but I didn't feel confident and sure enough to step out there, let alone who would help me to understand how to promote myself in this social media world!? 

Well it turned out that when Rev. Marie and I had met she shared that she was actually working with her church on their social media presence. She was actually going to be giving classes that week at her church!  Well, I don't know about you, but when I get too many coincides I realize that God is on the job. 

I now have a website that she designed for me, which is amazing.  She also monitors and maintains the site as well.  My exposure and traffic is really becoming something and I owe it all to my friend, my business mentor, and my Spiritual Sister Rev. Marie. 

Thank you so much for being such a blessing to me and my business, Gerrie Walker Inspires

Blessings of love and light." - Geraldine Walker, Sacramento CA. 


Rev. Arabella Marie - Blue Ray Twin Flame Angelic Oracle 

Twin Flame Oracle Card Reading Testimonial

“I found you on YouTube and listening to you is very helpful to me. I am and have been quite alone....all of my friends are from the spirit world for the most part.

Your Twin Flame Oracle Reading/Report is wonderful.....validating and encouraging. It will serve as a reference for me on days I am discouraged. And I can totally feel its truth.

I have studied and contemplated your channeling for me and it has opened many blocks and allowed me to peek behind the veil. My favorite phrase is that, “Everything he has ever known is not true.” That is so on target for us all of course. I pray for the day we are more able to see and recognize the truth.

What you said about detours is also true. I have Peace now to recognize that and affirmation that we will always be together. So glad I can finally allow this truth in. He is softening and mellowing and I look forward to the day he wakes up whether in this life or another.” – NA in Georgia.

 Speak Your Truth - Book Testimonial

Rev. Arabella Marie - Author of Speak Your Truth


As I sit and ponder that question there seems to be a thunderstorm and lightening show going on out in the distance.  Which by most standards would not be such an odd thing accept that I live in the desert.

We do have thunderstorms here occasionally for sure, but this one in particular was special.  This one was powerful, as if the Universe was saying “Pay Attention Now”!  You see this one in particular was the day someone very special to me was able to speak one of her truths, for the benefit of humanity and herself.

She was courageous enough  to admit to me and herself that the storms represented something very scary to her,  she did not wish to deal with.  She explained the fear that the sights and sounds of the storm represented to her.  They represented violence and uncertainty.  Anything could happen at any moment.  The truth is she really DID want to deal with it. She was just fearful of the journey she would have to take to get past this invisible fear she could not physically see.   That invisible line that we are afraid to cross to get to where we want to go.   It’s like seeing to road ahead with the signs that say you are going in the right direction but you are afraid to step on the gas.

The word FEAR is a word that we seem to ironically be afraid of and is the very thing that keeps people from telling the truth.  Why on earth would we want to give that much power to a four letter word. 

Before this night there are many truths to be told, by all of us.   Until we are prepared to do this, we are keeping ourselves and the people around us limited.  Limited to the lies, the lies we tell ourselves, the lies we tell others so they will like us, the lies we tell the world when we pretend to be someone we are not.  The lies we tell God so he’ll give us what we want. 

Society has almost made the word “Truth” a dirty word, or people for the most part are more incline to believe a lie before they believe the truth.  Odd don’t you think?

In the pages of this book you are going to find that both the message and the methods you will learn are life changing for sure.  But the getting there and the journey that was taken before was the most courageous step the author could have taken.

Marie and Veronica

So you see, I met Marie as Marie Rhoades in 2015, I now know her as the great Reverend, Author and so much more as Rev. Arabella Marie.  I have personally watched as she has developed from a person who not only was hindered from living her true life and being her true self, but that she would have developed and become a mentor, healer and purveyor of unconditional love for humanity.

It’s funny that when we are asked such a question like “Speak Your Truth” or “What do you want from your life?”  We don’t quite know how to answer it. 

In the pages of this book you will find some things that will inspire you to become and see and feel things you never thought you would.  You will experience emotions and sensations that you never thought were in you.

Or maybe you did and were afraid to explore those feelings or emotions due to the conditioning you were trained to believe by your life mentors. You see we all can be anything we want.  We just have to want it FIRST -  and I mean first.   You see we seem to get into the habit of habit.  We put everyone else’s needs before our own. 

Let me unpack that for you, I don’t mean that if you have someone you are responsible for, that you don’t follow through with your commitment to that.  I mean that you must understand that if you have no gas in your tank, how are you going to get to your destination if you can’t even start the car.   It starts with you, from where you are. Now! 

So in the pages of this book you will learn why you would want to “SPEAK YOUR TRUTH”. And the benefits of doing so.  Everyone benefits, because you begin a chain reaction of change and it can only begin with you.

Today we celebrate the birth of Rev. Arabella Marie, a woman who found the courage and kept her eye on the outcome of her existence.  And now wants to share it with you. 

She got the courage to change her name and self so she could be and do something that she believed to be outside of her, and found that what she was always looking for during her time here on earth was always on the inside of her the whole time.  We congratulate her and are glad that she is now prepared to continually share her experience with the world. 

Thank you Marie for inspiring me to change and thanks to you I am now in the process of living and speaking and feeling my truth.  Happy Birthday!

Forever grateful,