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Welcome to our little neck of the woods on the Internet known as Sacred Spaces. What will you find here, you ask? Well...

Besides our soul, the place we live in is our most sacred space. Creating and maintaining a home environment of love, rejuvenation and positive feelings is beneficial to a balanced life of peaceful abundance...and it all begins with creating the same within yourself and I'm going to help you do that if you hang around a bit.

Yep, this is the place for a full meal deal to nourish your mind, body & spirit!

We love finding & offering green living decor, found objects, seasonal, garden accents, lighting and small furniture pieces for your enjoyment - but many times, when they are gone, they are gone so shop fast for best selections!

Since we practice the religion of LOVE around these parts, each Black.White purchase of product or service helps us - help others through our Giving Back Program which keeps the love flowing around the globe. 

Learn more about us, if you're so inclined, and take a peek around...we're open around the clock, so there's no rush or anything!