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The Sacred Relationship

Rev Marie Blackstock - Sacred Sex - Sacred Sexuality - Masturbation - Relationships - Divine LoveOnce you are invested and made progress in step one of becoming your Sacred Self...you will naturally transition into The Sacred Relationship. 


Look at Your Sex Life!

We believe in Sacred Sexuality being practiced in your Sacred Life. It is consciously enjoying your beautiful self through masturbation! It is consciously selecting partners whom are suited to merging your Divine Vessel and energies with. Are they for your highest good? We become whom we have sex with -- Do you mind being this person?

Spiritual Sexuality is conscious pleasure in physical form; which is sacred and looked at as a prayer and manifestation tool. 

Look at Your Romantic Life! We believe in Divine Love around here -- meaning we unconditionally love our partners in physical form. We are OPEN to love, sex and merging energies in various ways for there is no judgement as to what is "right" or "wrong" (an ego thinking mechanism). Divine Love in physical form is rare on earth, yet more & more of humanity is beginning to practice and understand this concept. It can range from monogamy to fully open relationships or polyamory family home.  The common chord necessary (from spiritual perspective) is to make romantic/sexual decisions with loving intention and truth for all involved. We don't cheat! We don't harm another! We live our sexual desires with honesty and integrity. If you aren't sure, then a short Spiritual Relationship Coaching session may help!

Mind you, relationship is not love. Love is an energy, a place where you dwell and it lives within you! Relationship is something we develop in the human experience. Relationship is friends, lovers, co-workers etc. As a conscious being whom has worked on their self-love, self-respect, self-growth you are ready to look at the relationships in your life experience.

Look At Your Friends! Since we co-create life, it is our actions which get to select who is in our reality. Who are the 5 people surrounding you daily? They are who you are! Are they a clear representation of who you are, or are becoming, or want to grow into? If not, then this is a great place to begin. 

The Sacred Relationship is based on MIND, BODY & SPIRIT of your partner...and more importantly, yourself and relationship with your God/Goddess within self.