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Spirituality through Social Media WORKSHOP - Sacramento

Spirituality through Social Media WORKSHOP - Sacramento


We are spiritual beings having a human experience. So, if you are awakened to your Divinity, how do you use social media to influence humanity?

We each exist in this generation at this very point in history with access to social media for a reason. It is not only spiritual leaders of organizations who can use it. We individually “minister” to the populous each time we interact with another, whether face-to-face or through the Internet. 

The Centers for Spiritual Living, Davis envisions the world as a place that works for everyone. In standing firmly in this belief, this particular workshop will discuss how our interactions through social media can, and do, influence the world. Are we actively holding and sharing this vision? Or just talking about doing so? Or adding to the chaos?

If you don’t know the difference between a Facebook “page” or “profile” or how to “schedule” posts or how to take a good “selfie” then this workshop is for you! 

What is a “cover”? Why should I create an “event” page and how? What the heck is an "InstaSelfie"?

Maybe you wish to personally minister by adding more love & positivity to the world?

Have you been wracking your brain on how to promote your 
spirituality-based business? Why does your business even “need” to be on social media?

If any, or all of these questions are true, then this workshop will both inspire and enlighten you to what’s possible and how to get started in doing so immediately! Bring your cell phones or laptop.

Rev. Mg. Blackstock of Real World Ministries brings her enthusiasm, humor and love to those she teaches. Be prepared to both learn and laugh in this 2-hour intensive workshop!

Rev. Marie G Blackstock has been an entrepreneur since 1994 and has first-hand experience in retail, e-commerce, wholesale, manufacturing, blogging, graphic design as well as ministering and healing those around the world. 

She’s been a full-time Social Media Manager since 2009 and will share many “easy tips” to take home!

$30 Fee covers admission & your take-home reference materials. 

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/361645394290189/

In love & service...
Rev. Marie

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